Von Miller Signing Will Ruin Bills! Way to go Brandon!

I have been on this website a few times ridiculing the signing of Von Miller and what a waste of $20M per year it was. Granted, I never foresaw him injuring his knee last season, which was his second knee injury, but my main reasoning was his age. So far this season since he has come back, he is non-existent on the field and has no sacks and one tackle, for the season! We now have to ask ourselves, is he damaged good, will he ever be the player he was before the most recent injury. When you look at what Leonard Floyd has done this season, this is what Von Miller was supposed to be doing, so maybe Miller can give him 1/2 of his salary!

Now i read about the possible assault in Dallas of his pregnant girlfriend, but before jumping to conclusions of his guilt, we still need to gather more information. Regardless, Miller is going to be 35 years next year, and he signed a 6 year, $120 million contract, which in my opinion due to his age and injuries, will only make it that much harder for him to product results and meet expectations.

One thing to keep in mind about Miller when he was with the Rams, is that he had Aaron Donald on the same defensive front, not to mention Leonard Floyd. I am certain that having to block Donald opened up the window for him to get more sacks and made his job much easier!

Josh Allen is still in the prime of his years, but thanks to Beane's blunder, the Bills will have that much less money to sign free agents that could address bigger problems and fix the holes on this roster. Miller was also supposed to be the missing piece in getting us to a Super Bowl. Our record is now 6-6 and this team will probably not make the playoffs, so that was a huge miss!

My point here it that Miller's contract, and his lack of production as a bust, will affect this team in the future years. So for all of those Von Miller supporters, what has he actually done for the Bills, not the Los Angeles Rams, which we rewarded him for doing!

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