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FOCO Peanuts® Buffalo Bills Bighead Charlie Brown

Everyone’s favorite lovable loser decked out in the uniform of get it

Oh boy! Sometimes the universe just hands you a gift doesn’t it? Today, November 6, 2023, FOCO has released their second round of Peanuts® Bighead bobbles. Today’s launch is none other than the lovable loser himself, Charlie Brown — wearing Buffalo Bills gear from head to toe. Intended to be relatable to the average Joe, here’s what Peanuts® creator Charles M. Schulz has to say about his iconic character:

Charlie Brown “has to be the one who suffers, because he is a caricature of the average person. Most of us are much more acquainted with losing than we are with winning.”

I think Mr. Schulz just about nailed our collective sorrow. I know I feel like someone just pulled the football away from me right before I was about to connect. And like Charlie Brown, this isn’t the first time either. Also like Charlie Brown, I’m not about to stop trying.

Foco Charlie Brown bobble Bills

Sure, the Buffalo Bills have fallen back into the category of lovable losers, but for most of us fans this is a road well-traveled. Did I do a comical pratfall with the latest miss, resulting in a cloud of dust? Metaphorically, yes. Come game time though I’ll be right back where I always am, ready to kick that ball! Or watch it. I’ll leave the kicking to Tyler Bass.

You can preorder your own Buffalo Bills Charlie Brown right here. Sure, they might be selling him in other jerseys, but we all know that THIS Charlie Brown... this guy right here... is the most Charlie Brown of all Charlie Browns. Limited to 150 units, this 9.5” bobble will let everyone know “I support the underdog and always will.” Even when that underdog was an early season Super Bowl favorite or happened to become one of the most cherished fictional characters of all time.

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