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LA Chargers vs. NY Jets MNF pick prediction — a lackluster showdown for NFL Week 9

JSpenceTheKing gives you his predictions for this Week 9 MNF showdown

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

In a matchup that most hoped would be flexed out of Monday Night Football, the Los Angeles Chargers (3-4) will travel to East Rutherford, NJ, to take on the New York Jets (4-3). The Chargers enter the game as favorites with DraftKings Sports and a spread of -3.5, while the over/under is set at 41.

What do you think, Bills Mafia? Use this space as your open thread as we close out Week 9 of the 2023 NFL season.

The Chargers are coming off a convincing 30-13 victory against the Chicago Bears. Despite occasional struggles, quarterback Justin Herbert has shown flashes of brilliance this season. While he may not always look like a top-five QB, Herbert has kept his team within striking distance of a Wild Card spot. With the potential to turn things around, the Chargers hope to regain their winning momentum.

The Jets managed to escape with a narrow 13-10 victory over the New York Giants in their previous game. Since losing quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Week 1, the Jets have had difficulties generating offense under Zach Wilson’s leadership. Additionally, running back Dalvin Cook has expressed frustration with his reduced role, adding to the team’s challenges.

Considering the current state of both teams, it seems likely that the Chargers will come out on top in this matchup. Despite the Jets’ defensive efforts, they struggle to put points on the board — making the task of overcoming a talented Chargers offense difficult. Therefore, I believe the Chargers will win with a final score of 24-13

The over/under is a type of bet in sports betting that allows you to wager on the total number of points scored in a game by both teams. In this case, the over/under is set at 41, meaning you can bet on whether the total combined score of the Chargers and Jets will be over or under 41 points. If you believe the game will have a high-scoring outcome, you would bet the over, and if you think it will be a low-scoring game, you would bet the under.

The odds for the Moneyline and spread represent different ways to bet on the outcome of the game.

1. Moneyline: The Moneyline represents the straight-up winner of the game, regardless of the point spread. The Chargers have a Moneyline of -185, which means you would need to bet $185 to win $100 if they win the game. On the other hand, the Jets have a Moneyline of +154, indicating that if you bet $100 on them and they win, you would receive $154 in winnings.

2. Spread: The spread is a point spread set by oddsmakers to even out the betting action on both teams. In this case, the Chargers are favored to win by 3.5 points, indicated by the -3.5 spread. This means if you bet on the Chargers to cover the spread, they would need to win the game by 4 or more points for your bet to be successful. Conversely, if you bet on the Jets, they can either win the game outright or lose by 3 points or less for your bet to win.

In my prediction for tonight I believe the Chargers will win 24-13, and with a spread of -3.5, I expect them to cover the spread by winning by more than 3.5 points. But the Jets’ defense may keep the game closer than it should be, so keep in mind the possibility of the Jets covering the spread and maybe keeping this game tight like they did against the Giants last week.