24 for 31

Maybe this FanPost will come off as mean-spirited, but I'm going to call out one particular player by name: #31 Rasul Douglas. I had never even heard the guy's name before yesterday, so it's not like I have a grudge against him. But, his lack of effort on the play at 0:52 in the 3rd quarter - a pass completion over the middle to a wide open WR, pursued half-heartedly by Douglas - rubbed me the wrong way. So, I started watching him closer...

My research is gleaned only from the 17-minute YouTube game recap, so maybe you all have counter-examples from All-22 where Douglas did great? What I saw, however, was a big, fat ZERO!

1Q, 1:18. Rush left. #31 sees the RB bursting thru and gives weak pursuit. Never touches the rusher. +24 yds

3Q, 7:13. Goal line coverage. Lets WR release past him. That WR immediately gets ball thrown to him. Easy TD. Hurts smiling :-)

3Q, 0:52. Eagles WR w-i-d-e open over the middle. Bills #31 is the closest defender; gives next-to-no-effort at pursuit. WR feigns running out of bounds, which Rasul clearly hoped for, and instead cuts back up-field for another 5 yards. #31 not involved with tackle at all.

4Q, 7:15. Hurts throws a bomb that looks like it was intended for Bills #31. Rasul never even touched the ball; it literally went right thru his hands.

side note: Buffalo playing a 4-7 defense with 0:31 in 4Q. Can anyone explain the thinking? Hurts likes the draw scramble. Shouldn't there be a spy on him; perhaps #42 Dorian Williams?

OT, 4:24. Crossing pattern caught right in front of #31. He somehow manages to avoid all contact while others make the tackle. Rasul is fantastic at keeping his uni clean, I'll give him that. Miroslav Satan would be proud.

OT, 3:23. McDermott flipped Rasul over to the other side, but Hurts finds him. Another pass completion during which #31 plays no part in the tackle.

4Q, 2:37. QB draw right into Rasul's area. Hurts strides into the endzone unchallenged. Douglas weakly girl-slaps at QB's arm as he passes by.

I'm not saying #31 Rasul Douglas was paid off to throw the game, but if he had been paid off, what would he have done differently?

I don't care how bad Kaiir Elam is, he needs to be the starter moving forward. Honestly, at age 55, I could come off the couch and have a better game than Rasul Douglas played against the Eagles.

At least I'd try to tackle.

edit: Just noticed that Elam is on IR. Ok, that was the quietest roster move ever. So, Brandon message me.

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