Here's a Hot Take

Trade Josh Allen to the Bears for the number one pick in the draft.

As much as we love Josh Allen, and as good of an athlete as he is, do we think he can win a Superbowl without a stacked team around him? I mean, Trent Dilfter won a Superbowl, so anything can happen.

Franchise QB, yes! Suberbowl winning QB? I don't think so. Too many turnovers, too many bad decisions.

I have consistently told you all through the years that the biggest two mistakes that were made:

Hiring Doug Marone over Andy Reid in 2013. Passing on Patrick Mahomes.

We could be the Chiefs right now!

My suggestion, trade Josh Allen to the Chicago Bears (if they have the number one pick) and draft Caleb WIlliams.

Yes yes, this will put us back a few years. This will be a rebuild. We will be giving up a top 7 QB that we all love.

If the goal is to win Superbowl's and not just be competiive, I think this is the right hhing to do. Caleb WIlliams is unbelieveable. I wouldn't have done this for Trevor Lawerence, Bryce Young, or any other prsopsect that has come out of the draft.

I would do this for Caleb Williams.

As stated, this is a hot take, but one that I think should be considered. Fortune favors the brave!

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