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Greg Cosell of NFL Films joined Bills greats John Fina & Jerry Ostroski for “Off-Tackle”

“Off-Tackle with John Fina” welcomed legendary NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell to chat the X’s & O’s, nuances of digesting football film for a living, and so much more about the Buffalo Bills!

For Monday’s edition of the “Off-Tackle with John Fina” show, Buffalo Bills offensive line greats John Fina and Jerry Ostroski welcomed the esteemed Greg Cosell, analyst and senior producer at NFL Films, to the program.

To those familiar with Cosell — the nephew of the late, great sports broadcaster Howard Cosell — his appearance brought with it an unbiased, yet rich and thoroughly researched analysis of the game of professional football we all crave. That includes his observations of the Buffalo Bills, and their quarterback Josh Allen.

Jerry and John had a cross-country map of questions for Cosell, from the plethora of grass-roots armchair film analysts and whether it’s good for today’s game, and how highlights can lie when making a full observation of any player.

Plus, the guys spend time discussing Cosell’s goals when digesting 72-plus hours of films a week. We also get a bona fide behind-the-scenes dive into the finer points of Cosell’s weekly work, including sharing his notes on a play from Bills-Chiefs.

Of course, John and Jerry were hopeful Cosell would share some of his observations about this year’s Bills team, which he of course obliged. Greg Cosell describes the Buffalo Bills as a bit of a frustrating team for him, noting that quarterback Josh Allen is one of the most “exhilarating and frustrating” players — but not in terms of turnovers. For Cosell, he sees Allen “as at his core an instinct player, not precision based.” Cosell sees an opportunity for Allen to continue developing and, as he states, “letting the play work for him” instead of leaving the pocket too prematurely, and leaving throws on the field. Cosell rightly points out the magic that is Allen in his seemingly never-ending ability to make incredible plays off-script.

Fina and Ostroski then pose the question of whether or not the Bills are an overachieving team, especially this season due to injuries — to which Cosell provides his ever-insightful commentary.

After watching as much film as he does, Cosell comes away believing Buffalo’s offense would be well-served incorporating the idea of synchronicity within the run and passing attack. He hopes interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady finds ways to allow play action appear more like a run to “introduce conflict for the defense.”

For all this and much more, check out the podcast from this week’s show — or tune in to watch the vidcast — both embedded here.

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