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FOCO Buffalo Bills Peanuts® Gang Football Field scene Bobble

Just like the Bills’ season, FOCO and Buffalo Rumblings keeps bobbling along

I’m not sure we can steer Buffalo Bills discourse back to “wholesome” and “adorable” but with recent headlines, let’s give it a try. FOCO is back at with the Peanuts® gang, and this time it’s a sizable portion of said gang. Rather than a single bobble, the Peanuts® Gang Football Field mini scene has a plethora of “sproingy” neck goodness.

FOCO Peanuts Buffalo Bills scene

Limited to 150 units, this 5” tall mini scene features Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie. Each character comes to life with action poses and myriad Buffalo Bills gear. Accents such as a tree with falling leaves and nearby fence celebrate the joy of backyard play with best friends.

There is one downside to adding this to your Buffalo Bills collection though. When placed too close to a Bobble Joshy, it’s rumored that the latter’s calls at the line all become an unintelligible mess “Wah Wah WAH! Wah, Wah Wah Wah.”

If you’re looking to score one of your own, check out the following two links. The first link right here will bring you to the Buffalo Bills collection where you’ll find the Peanuts Gang Scene along with numerous other Bills collectibles and more. If for some reason you’ve landed here as more of a Peanuts fan than a Bills one, here’s a link for the full Peanuts collection. That link is also handy if you’re looking for something for a fan of another team or even for Peanuts gifts related to a different sport entirely.

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