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Bills vs. Chargers: Josh Allen, Sean McDermott, Mitch Morse — Tuesday pressers

The Buffalo Bills are laser-focused on this weekend’s opponent

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills have begun initial preparations for their Week 16 road game against the Los Angeles Chargers. During Tuesday’s media availability ahead of a team walk-through session, head coach Sean McDermott, quarterback Josh Allen, and center Mitch Morse responded to questions from the assembled press.

The biggest news revealed by McDermott was the announcement that defensive tackle DaQuan Jones’ 21-day practice window had been activated on Tuesday — making his return to the lineup a genuine possibility this season. McDermott also noted that “it’s not looking good” for linebacker Matt Milano’s return this season.

Check out the videos embedded below to hear more from Sean McDermott in addition to the latest interviews from Josh Allen and Mitch Morse.

Head coach Sean McDermott

Apart from the sizeable injury updates that McDermott gave to lead off his presser, we heard the Bills head coach discuss running back James Cook, and linebackers Terrel Bernard and Tyrel Dodson.

McDermott also spoke about Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Easton Stick, staying disciplined in facing both an unfamiliar and unseasoned QB while going against a group of coaches in new roles — of which no film exists on their work in this capacity. McDermott was asked whether facing the Chargers after their historical loss to the Las Vegas Raiders represents a danger to them this weekend, and thoughts on the team finding its identity.

Check out Sean McDermott’s Tuesday presser below:

Quarterback Josh Allen

Josh Allen made it clear from the outset of Tuesday’s interview session that he and the team are 100% focused on Week 16 and being fully prepared for their game on Saturday evening when responding to how they can best continue the momentum built up at this point: “It’s a situation we’ve been in before, and just using that previous experience that we have to carry us over.“

Allen also spoke about what he sees as integral to ensuring his A-game hits the field at this time of the season: “Again, number one is practice — making sure that we’re straining and taking care of all the small details that sometimes get overlooked. That’s the fundamentals of the game, that’s something coach McDermott preaches all the time is: fundamentals, ball security, and mentality”

Allen was also asked to reflect on the team’s win against the Dallas Cowboys, and provided his thoughts about facing the Chargers given their current situation.

Allen was asked about the offensive line and if there’s any method to how they end up spiking the ball, to which he said that center Mitch Morse “doesn’t typically like to spike the ball,” but then stated of the high-five aficionado: “we’ll get him one this week.”

Allen also discussed the memorable moment when he lost his play sheet wristband, the impressive play by left tackle Dion Dawkins and his how impressive he’s been all season and continues to be as a person, James Cook’s contributions as a receiver, and more.

Check out the latest media session from Josh Allen in full, embedded here:

Center Mitch Morse

Contrary to what you might have thought after listening to Josh Allen, Mitch Morse isn’t against a touchdown spike, but he did make sure to mention that it’s just never been a part of who he is.

Morse then began discussing right tackle Spencer Brown, left tackle Dion Dawkins, the play of the offensive line against the Cowboys and otherwise — and paying credit where its due to the line’s continuity, and also trying to maintain the required level found the last couple weeks when facing the Chargers.

Morse was quick to point out that he and his fellow offensive line aren’t about the attention they seem to miss out on most weeks, and instead just want to win.

Morse also touched on interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady as a coach, a person, and his work in the last four games.

For more from Mitch Morse, check out the video embedded below: