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Bills vs. Cowboys film analysis: The domination of Buffalo’s offensive line

Ground and pound was never so much fun!

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills dominated the Dallas Cowboys in nearly every phase of the game during Week 15, but especially so on the ground to the tune of 266 rushing yards. Coming into the game, the Cowboys had a top-10 defense in the NFL and notable players in their front seven, namely edge rusher Micah Parsons. So how did the Bills find such easy going? Let’s look at the film and find out.

Running from under center

Before the snap, quarterback Josh Allen was under center, with running back James Cook behind full back Reggie Gilliam. At the snap, left tackle Dion Dawkins hooked his man, and Allen handed it to Cook who ran behind Gilliam (who blocked the linebacker in the hole). This led to an open hole, and a lot of space in a crowded kitchen for Cook to run.

Mitch Morse pulls from center

This play started with Allen in shotgun and Cook to his right. As the play began, Allen handed the ball to Cook who ran left while Dawkins blocked the EDGE and right tackle Spencer Brown pushed the defensive tackle downfield. A hole opened up and center Mitch Morse pulled left and went through the hole as the lead blocker.

Dawkins gets just enough of a block

Dawkins was the unsung hero for this play. He got a piece of the EDGE (just barely enough before the defender fell down), thus preventing the defender from making the tackle on Cook. The other side of the hole was formed by the entire right side of the Bills’ offensive line pushing back Dallas’ defensive line.

All in a day’s work

In this play, we see that Dawkins, Morse, Brown, and guard O’Cyrus Torrence all made pivotal blocks. The play started with Dawkins pulling right. Then Brown blocked the EDGE. Torrence got a piece of the defensive tackle (which helped create the hole). Morse climbed up to the second level and became a lead blocker for Cook.

In summary

The Buffalo Bills put forth an extraordinary effort on the ground. Dawkins. Brown, Morse and Torrance all played so well that they were essentially immovable forces for the Dallas Cowboys’ defense. What stood out to you most about the play of Buffalo’s offensive line last weekend?