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SB Nation Reacts results, Week 16 — Bills Mafia confident, content

But what do Bills fans think about Josh Allen’s chances at MVP?

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

We asked, you responded: Does Josh Allen have a realistic shot to win NFL MVP?

The Buffalo Bills are playing some of their best football right now, riding a two-game win streak that saw them outlast the Kansas City Chiefs on the road before executing a near-perfect game plan to halt the Dallas Cowboys in their tracks, while running through and over them in embarrassing fashion.

Though it’s only two games, the Bills have once again put the league on notice. Even prior to their bye week, Buffalo went toe to toe with the reigning NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles who had not yet entered slump territory. But their quest for playoff football was made far more difficult than anyone predicted.

There were far too many losses to AFC opponents, and maddening defeats to teams that Buffalo should have never struggled against. The valley the Bills found themselves stuck in — alternating wins and losses — during the middle portion of the season has dealt them a difficult hand toward making the playoffs.

But, yes, I’m saying there’s still a chance. That’s not news to those paying attention, because it’s difficult paying attention to anything else other than playoff odds for Bills Mafia. There’s zero room for error now. The playoffs have essentially started for the Buffalo Bills, and they’ll need to go undefeated into February if they hope to attain their loftiest goals. Can they do it? Motivation and that idea of chance are all that’s required to enter the fray — and a whole lot of football luck.

It would seem right now that Bills fans are full of optimism and believe that motivation, chance, and a dash of football luck are at hand this time of year. In our latest poll, 89% of voters voiced their approval in the team’s direction. We’re approaching the height of approval, which came following the team’s Week 4 thrashing of the Miami Dolphins.

That confidence is warranted — The Bills appear to have found their identity, which entails fully unleashing running back James Cook’s potential. To make a real run at postseason play and more, teams must have a diversified attack — and that’s what Cook now offers Buffalo. However, it will be paramount for the offense to get the passing game back on better grounding, finding new ways to creatively involve wide receiver Stefon Diggs, while better-developing ancillary targets to frustrate defenses down the field.

The great news is that there’s room for a ton of improvement on offense, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the NFL.

We also wanted to know what you thought of quarterback Josh Allen’s chances of winning NFL MVP honors this season, given the current landscape around the league. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s essentially a toss-up for Bills Mafia right now.

The question was asked if Allen had a bona fide shot to win the award should the Buffalo Bills win out to both make the playoffs and find themselves crowned AFC East Divisional Champions for a fourth consecutive time. As of this point, 51% of voters believe that, yes, Allen would have a true opportunity to win the award.

That would mean 49% of voters either think Allen needs to do more, perhaps playing out of his mind without creating turnovers. The odds-on-favorite at this moment is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who has an embarrassment of skill player riches surrounding him. It’s possible that many people believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Purdy wins, given his team’s record.

But those who know, understand that you should never count out Josh Allen.

On the national level, the Bills’ dominant win over the Cowboys was voted the second-biggest surprise of the week.

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