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All-22 Analysis: Gabe Davis returns to Buffalo Bills’ stat sheet

A sigh of relief

Los Angeles Chargers Host The Buffalo Bills In An NFL Game At SoFi Stadium Photo by Will Lester/MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills’ Week 16 win over the Los Angeles Chargers was the most important outcome of last Saturday’s game. But another sigh of relief came in the form of wide receiver Gabe Davis hitting the stat sheet for the first time in forever. Davis made the most of his six targets, hauling in four of them for 130 yards and a touchdown.

As such, what follows below will serve as both a semi-analysis, semi-celebration piece.

Next Gen Stats Chart

Nothing jumps out as unusual for a Gabe Davis chart. There’s a decent variation in usage/route tree for Davis. The receptions have an incredibly high average depth of target. This is a very Gabe Davis chart.

Play 1 — 17 Yards

Gabe Davis made a pretty deep target look quick on this one. He quick faked to the right, planted his foot and cut inside. Right after that he turned and hit the brakes for a timing pass.

Play 2 — Touchdown!

Look for Darrell Lane to highlight the touchdowns from the game a little more. For now, I’ll just highlight that the pressure had forced Allen to move. Davis saw it and this was some nice improv.

Play 3 — 20 Yards

Davis has a reputation for getting the deep shots, and the previous play had to have made the Chargers think about it. On this “second and manageable” play, the Bills dialed up a play at the sticks. Josh Allen hit Davis arguably even a touch late. However, there was so much cushion that Davis could turn around and basically triple the yardage with some YAC.

Play 4 — 36 Yards

Last but not least, the offensive line gave Allen tons of time during this play. The chemistry between Allen and Davis returned here, with Allen hitting the pass perfectly and Davis finding the green on the sideline pass.

The Final Straw

Is this the return of Gabe Davis for good? Has Buffalo Bills interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady figured out how to add another weapon into the mix? Stay tuned, but this game showed plenty of promise.