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AFC Playoff Picture: Bills fall to 11th despite not playing in Week 13

Despite the AFC chaos, the Bills are a long way from the playoff spots.

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

The Buffalo Bills didn’t play in Week 13 and only one result could have moved them in the AFC standings. As has been their luck, that one outcome came true on Monday night when the Cincinnati Bengals won to move into 10th place in the conference.

The Bills still have multiple paths to the postseason with a Miami Dolphins team that can’t beat teams with a winning record (except, um, Buffalo). The Wild Card race is absolutely wild and QB injuries are wreaking havoc.

The Cleveland Browns are on their fourth starting QB, the Pittsburgh Steelers are trotting out former Bills backup Mitch Trubisky, and the Colts are already riding Gardner Minshew’s magic. Those three teams with backup QBs are in Wild Card spots now and you can add the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars to the mix.

Buffalo can still make a run at the postseason based on the wide-open AFC, but here are the standings following Week 13.

AFC Standings

1. Miami Dolphins (9-3, 6-2 AFC)
2. Baltimore Ravens (9-3, 6-3 AFC)
3. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4, win over JAX)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4. loss to KC)
5. Pittsburgh Steelers+ (7-5)
6. Cleveland Browns+ (7-5)
7. Indianapolis Colts+ (7-5)
8. Houston Texans+ (7-5)
9. Denver Broncos (6-6, win over BUF)
10. Cincinnati Bengals (6-6, win over BUF)
11. Buffalo Bills (6-6, loss to DEN, loss to CIN)
12. Los Angeles Chargers (5-7, win over LV)
13. Las Vegas Raiders (5-7, loss to LAC)
14. New York Jets (4-8, SOV better than TEN)
15. Tennessee Titans (4-8, SOV worse than NYJ)
16. New England Patriots (2-10)

+ In a multi-team tiebreaker, you first use divisional tiebreakers to get to one team per division. Pittsburgh and Cleveland go to a divisional tiebreaker, which the Steelers win based on their AFC North record. Indianapolis and Houston go to a divisional tiebreaker, which the Colts win based on head-to-head record. After the divisional tiebreakers, the Steelers and Colts go to a tiebreaker which Pittsburgh wins on record in common games to claim 5th. With the Steelers eliminated, the Browns and Colts go to their tiebreaker. Cleveland has a win over Indianapolis to slot in 6th. Then we revert back to Indianapolis and Houston, which the Colts win to stay 7th. Houston is 8th.