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AFC East Roundup: What’s left?

It’s crunch time in the NFL. What does that mean for the AFC East?

NFL: NOV 26 Bills at Eagles

The NFL playoff hunt is in full effect with the 2023 season now into the month of December. The Buffalo Bills at this point are just trying to put together a win streak so that they can keep their post season hopes alive. For the Miami Dolphins, they are not only vying for a division title but also the top overall seed in the conference. As for the New York Jets and New England Patriots? It’s essentially on to next year while trying to prevent a major implosion to end the season. Let’s look at the schedule these teams have remaining.

Buffalo Bills

Bills fans have been waiting for this team to get hot after seeing small flashes all season. Now Buffalo’s at the point where it’s in their best interest to win out so they can hopefully sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card team. If they can. the Bills could be the hottest team in the league and have the potential to become the first Wild Card team in the AFC to win the Super Bowl since 2006.

Miami Dolphins

  • Week 14: Tennessee Titans
  • Week 15: New York Jets
  • Week 16: Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 17: @Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 18: Buffalo Bills

The narrative all season has been that the Dolphins can’t win against good teams. Well, we’re about to find out if that’s true over the course of the last three weeks of this season. If Miami is able to win all three of those games then they will most likely be the one seed and attempt to ride that momentum to the Super Bowl.

New York Jets

The Jets are currently a mess right now, and behind closed doors they seem to be imploding. On Monday, reports came out that the team wants to go back to Zach Wilson as its starting quarterback. However, Wilson doesn’t want to risk getting injured — what with all signs point to the two sides moving on. It’s been all downhill for the Jets since Aaron Rodgers got injured, and now it appears to be getting worse.

New England Patriots

With only two wins on the season, the Patriots appear to be looking forward to 2024. New England’s defense has allowed the least amount of points in the league the past three weeks, but the team went 0-3 in that span. To make matters worse, their Week 15 game against the Chiefs was supposed to be on Monday Night Football but it’s been flexed out of that spot. The big questions for this team is who will they turn to next year at quarterback, and what does the future look like at head coach?