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Watch: ICYMI — Buffalo Bills media session, Wednesday, December 6

Reporters were given their first opportunities to directly interview key members of the Bills following edge rusher Von Miller’s arrest, facing domestic violence charges

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Following their bye in Week 13, the Buffalo Bills were finally back at One Bills Drive, putting together a plan to take down the Kansas City Chiefs. With the team back in at practice, it meant the return of media availability. This season has produced its fair share of interesting sessions, despite head coach Sean McDermott’s clear goal for himself and the team at revealing less than the NFL minimum most people expect.

But the questions asked of Buffalo’s leaders on Wednesday sought to find resolute to a very serious situation involving the disturbing details and concern for the physical safety of a pregnant woman, the immediate and long-term future for a face of the franchise who has now been arrested on charges of domestic violence, and what’s being done to prevent the season from further derailing short of the playoffs.

Embedded below, listen/watch as general manager Brandon Beane, head coach Sean McDermott, safety Micah Hyde, quarterback Josh Allen, and left tackle Dion Dawkins

And yes, Josh Allen was asked about potentially playing in front of Taylor Swift.

General manager Brandon Beane

The questions that everyone wanted to ask Beane encapsulated all the recent news about Von Miller. Perhaps the biggest nugget revealed during Beane’s turn at the microphone was that Miller would not be suspended. Beane stated “we’re not investigators” when asked to comment on the details of a situation involving Miller and his girlfriend at their shared condominium in Texas.

Tim Graham of The Athletic asked Beane to comment on how the team handled the case with former Bills punter Matt Araiza, “no arrest, no mugshot, no police investigation that (he was) aware (occurred),” compared to what’s unfolded with Miller, “a guy who’s been arrested, with actual police documentation, 911 call, everything that is out there.”

For much more by Beane during his almost 19-minute interview, tune in to the video embedded here:

Head coach Sean McDermott

Key from Sean McDermott on Wednesday was the news that tight end Dawson Knox and Kaiir Elam’s practice windows were opened. A fair bit of McDermott’s time at the podium was spent addressing the situation with Von Miller, including whether it’s come to a point where he might consider sitting Miller in an effort to gain more production at the position.

To the credit of the media, they approached the situation head on with McDermott, asking the tough questions of him. One reporter described the silence in the room during the day’s presser, and mentioned being stunned that McDermott has little to nothing additional to say about one of the team’s key players. Another brought up McDermott’s often-discussed attributes of players being “family (men)” while noting the allegations against Miller are “hard to read (about)” — hoping to have McDermott respond to what he might say to the fan base that supports Miller, and also his role as head coach.

Of course, McDermott was also asked about the team’s outlook moving forward, and the team’s next opponent — including his thoughts on their offense this season: “This is a dynamic offense.”

McDermott had much more to say, and you can hear his comments in full by clicking the video embedded below.

Safety Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde caught up with the media, pointing out how the bye came at a much-needed point. Hyde said everyone came back today “with a little more energy, little more juice.”

Hyde reinforced the mantra that “you’re only as good as your last game,” mentioning the need to build off game in Philly. As expected, several questions were asked about his thoughts on Miller’s predicament to which he stated “it’s none of my business at all.”

Hear more from Micah Hyde in the video embedded below — including what he’s looking for in facing the Chiefs’ offense this weekend.

Quarterback Josh Allen

Quarterback Josh Allen was clearly eager to be back in the building, ready to move past their midseason slump that lasted far too many games. He began by noting that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo “knows (him) pretty well” while pointing out how Kansas City’s defense looks quite a bit different this season.

Allen faced a wide range of questions, but there was a clear focus on what he and the team needs to do to reach their goals this season. To Allen, he understands that the playoffs have essentially started for the Buffalo Bills. Additional questions entailed his thoughts about Miller’s situation and, again, Taylor Swift.

Catch up on all the latest from Josh Allen in the embedded video below.

Left tackle Dion Dawkins

Always authentic, Dion Dawkins was his usual charismatic self — and as humble as ever in his demure reflection about once again being nominated for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

Reporters also asked Dawkins about the remainder of the season, including playing another road game in Kansas City, to the team’s chances to make a run at the postseason. Always providing his unique brand of Shnow, Dion ended his presser responding to a question about the fans.

It’s worth taking his comments with a grain of salt, and consider that he’s trying to encapsulate the ideas within a broader context than pandering to what he likely felt was a fair bit of baited trap all in the name of clicks. Dion keeps it real. Always.