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Bills vs. Chiefs: A KC residency for Buffalo

The Bills are set to play the same song in Kansas City, on repeat since 2021

NFL: OCT 16 Bills at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are road warriors again this weekend, heading to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the state of Missouri. Sunday’s game will mark the fifth matchup between these two teams since January 2021 — and all of them have been decided at Arrowhead Field.

In those four previous games, the Bills have a 2-2 record. Both wins came in the regular season, while — as you’re well aware by now — both losses came during postseason play.

The last time the Chiefs visited Orchard Park, NY was in 2020, during a game played under COVID-19 restrictions that didn’t allow fans in the stadium. Since 2015, Buffalo has only hosted Kansas City once. A single time in what will now be eight games in eight seasons, and without a home crowd.

Overall, the Chiefs have only lost five games at Arrowhead Stadium since 2021, but the Bills have won two of the last three matchups. Adding to Buffalo’s challenge this weekend will be Kansas City’s 16-3 record following a loss — something that happened to the Chiefs in their last game.

For the Bills, traveling to Arrowhead Stadium must feel a bit like home at this point, and they have found success there during the regular season, winning two of the last of three games — though, again, not the most important matchups. This weekend, however, is vastly important to Buffalo’s postseason aspirations.

Should the Bills and Chiefs meet again in January, barring something incredible happening to each team’s record it’s likely that Buffalo will be on the road again to face the music — which these days often includes the celebrity of Taylor Swift.