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FOCO Buffalo Bills Holiday T-Shirts for your last-minute holiday needs

A duo of fantastic options to make this Bills-mas a festive one

It’s the holiday season, which means many things — holiday parties, casual dress days in the office, vacation, watching football, and more. FOCO has a pair of t-shirts that should be right at home for many of these holiday needs.

FOCO Xmas shirts 2023

The offering on the left fits well with current fan mood as many of us are pleading with a higher authority to help the Buffalo Bills reach the Super Bowl. Sure, sure, you won’t know if the jolly, old saint comes through with your wish until well after December 25. But it can’t hurt to ask. The way I see it you can either side with the shirt or resort to a monkey’s paw, and Santa is far more likely to come through without the whole “in a way you’ll regret it” deal.

The offering on the right is perfect for “that guy” attending an ugly sweater party this year. You know who I mean. “That guy” who is shoveling in shorts and probably doesn’t own any sweaters let alone an ugly holiday one. I see “that guy” every day in the mirror. The ugly sweater tee eliminates the risk of overheating and itchy fabric. The bane of all “that guy” everywhere! Author’s note: Please dress accordingly for the weather. Hypothermia is real and I’m not a role model.

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