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Fun Super Bowl LVII Prop Bets

From the halftime show to the gatorade bath and the national anthem, the last day to bet on the NFL is here

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Armando Tinoco

When it comes to the Super Bowl, millions of people bet billions of dollars on a multitude of things. This year, a record 50.4 million people will bet approximately $16 billion, up 61% from last year according to a study done by the American Gambling Association.

You can bet on anything and everything on this magical day in the sports season without even considering the Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Jalen hurts are likely to put on a show as the two superstars clash in the biggest game of the year. Check out our earlier article, Super Bowl 2023: Best picks, player props to consider for Eagles vs. Chiefs, for some insight on the on-the-field action.

The best part about this game though, is all of the wild, off-the-field, novelty props. These props aren’t tied to any of the on-field game action throughout the night, so even those who aren’t fans of football can get in on the fun.

Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss

Heads or tails. Such a simple question. 50% chance to win either way. Draft Kings Sports Book is offering +100 odds on either choice.

Sloan Piva said it best giving his take on the risky bet. “Four of the past five Super Bowl coin tosses have landed ‘heads,’ but that comes after a four-year run of ‘tails’ never failing. Before that, ‘heads’ had a five-year winning streak. Will ‘heads’ continue to build on its dominant 9-5 run since Super Bowl 43 in 2009? Or will ‘tails’ bounce back (so to speak), and avoid falling five flips below .500 in 15 years?”

Double or nothing before the game even starts. Not a bad way to get the blood moving.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII Half Time Performance: Her First Song

Rihanna is an entertainment star of monumental stature. Identifying her opening song for one of the most-watched shows of the year isn’t an easy task considering 14 of her singles have reached number 1 on the charts. The Action Network has given us a list of odds on what song will be her opening number.

My money’s on “Don’t Stop the Music”

Gatorade Shower

A staple in sports culture. The champions showering their head coach with the sports recovery and performance drink stored in their water coolers. Since 2001 the color of the winning liquid poured on the winning head coach has been:

  1. Orange 5 times
  2. Blue 4 times
  3. Clear 4 times
  4. Yellow 3 times
  5. Purple 1 time

There is one big item missing from this though. None, as in no gatorade shower. You might think that is preposterous, but it has happened five times since 2001. Andy Reid has won the big game before. Maybe he doesn’t want to be all wet for the trophy celebration this time around.

Three of the last four no-Gatorade showers have occurred after The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick had enough after a while, maybe Reid will too.

National Anthem Length

Chris Stapleton will perform the pregame National Anthem this year. According to The Sporting News, many sports books are setting the line for the time spent singing the Anthem to one minute and 59 seconds. In contrast, last year’s Anthem preformer — Micky Guyton — clocked in at one minute and 51 seconds, hitting the over on most sports books.

I’m taking the under here. Excitment for the big game could get Stapleton’s heart pumping, pushing his singing pace.

What would you bet on, Bills Mafia?!