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Bills Mathia: One Stat To Rule Them All

Yeah, we’re going full nerd-mode

Bills Mathia logo

Hello football-loving nerds! I’m excited to launch the latest video project teased last week. Bills Mathia is here, and it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Let’s all go deeper into the numbers behind the game through our mutual love of football, the Buffalo Bills, and for some of us — all the math that goes with it.

I’ll confess that the launch of Bills Mathia was deliberately planned to closely follow the results of the Super Bowl. The topic for Episode 1 is heavily based on my overarching philosophy on football stats, which is teased in the title: “One Stat To Rule Them All.” Which stat am I talking about? In just a few minutes of your time you can find out that and how many movie and franchise references I can make in one video.

I wrap up by setting the stage for the offseason and tease some of the topics you can expect to see as Bills Mathia takes the (very small niche) football world by storm!

This week’s launch was light on actual math. No pen, paper, or calculators were necessary. Next week might be a little more challenging so come prepared for class. What unit are we covering? I don’t mean to spoil it but I think we’ll be going nearly full-on stat mode.