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Bills Mathia: What do you mean average?

Pun 100% intended

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Welcome back to Bills Mathia! The only best dang series dedicated to discussing the math itself behind football and the Buffalo Bills. We start some actual math this week as we go beyond the casual concept of “average.” While most stats do have some value calculating the mean, there’s a lot more to dive into when it comes to what’s “average.”

For this week I dig deeper than most analysts dare to on mean, then I add in the “other” averages in median and mode. I make a case for using median more often while mode gets an on-mic chuckle from me when I review my favorite example of that type of average.

Last but not least I set the stage for not one, but two follow-up videos that take “average” to the next level of football understanding.

If you liked this one, you’ll love the next one as I dive into how we can take average from a single point, to a range of values. With that said, I can’t believe this is all happening. We’re actually making football/math videos. Just remember, (a small number of) you asked for it.