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Zay Flowers could be the Robin to Stefon Diggs’ Batman

The Bills could get him at the bottom of the first round

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

One of the big potential needs for the Buffalo Bills in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft is wide receiver. Outside of star receiver Stefon Diggs, the Bills have been looking for another high-level go-to option.

Zay Flowers out of Boston College is a guy flying under the radar who could potentially fall to the Bills at the No. 27 overall pick, so let’s see what the tape says about him.

Top-end speed

Here, you see Flowers turn a relatively simple cross over the middle into a big-play touchdown. Flowers makes the first defender miss, and then turns the corner on him. Next, you get to see Flowers’ top-end speed, as he outruns an angle from the defender who’s chasing him, and then accelerates right past another defender who’s in pursuit.


Raw speed is a nice asset to have, but what makes Flowers unique is his quickness. At the snap, you see Flowers quickly turn inside on the screen. When the defender goes in for the tackle, Flowers avoids him and turns back outside. Flowers keeps his balance and continues to run for extra yards through a bit of contact.

Playing bigger than his size

Flowers is 5’10” and 172 pounds. When most receivers are that size, the worry is a potential lack of physicality. Here, we see Flowers high-point the ball for a catch. Then, we see him bring the ball down despite getting hit from behind by the covering defender.

In summary

Flowers has the ability to be a dynamic part of the Bills’ offense. Buffalo could use him in motion, screens, and as a deep threat. Flowers is the type of player who can turn a two-yard pass into a 50-yard touchdown.

Sound off in the comments: Whether Flowers or someone else, who’s the receiver you’d like to see the Bills get in the draft?