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Brandon Beane hopeful Bills safety Damar Hamlin has “storybook” ending

Hamlin continues to make progress following traumatic cardiac arrest in January

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane had much to say about a myriad of topics during Tuesday’s media session from the 2023 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, IN. That’s to be expected following a season full of such hype and potential, and far too much injury and trauma for the Bills and the Buffalo community.

Chief among those comments was Beane’s announcement that safety Damar Hamlin — who previously suffered a traumatic cardiac arrest during a regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals early this past January — continues to show signs of improvement amid good news. In a series of tweets as reported by Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, Beane informed the press that Hamlin still has a series of specialists and hurdles to pass before he can be fully cleared for a return to play.

While Beane was sure to point out that Hamlin has “two or three more (specialists) he has to see,” it remains to be seen yet if he will, in fact, return to the field of play with the Bills or any other team.

Garafolo also tweeted that Beane hopes for nothing more than a true “storybook” ending with Hamlin back out on the field, but that, ultimately, “(i)t’s a decision for Damar but also for us,” in terms of the medical information both sides receive.

These next few months will likely reveal more about Damar Hamlin’s NFL future.