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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network manager change, staff addition

It’s the offseason, and personnel change is contagious, apparently


As we head into our 17th season of covering the Buffalo Bills — yes, you read that right, and yes, that makes me feel very old — we here at Buffalo Rumblings are gearing up for what should be another busy and highly scrutinized Bills offseason.

There are a few staffing changes that I’d like to make everyone aware of, with perhaps one or two more coming next month.

Anthony Marino has formally stepped down as the manager of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network. Under his watchful eye, the podcast network has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past several years. If you’re a connoisseur of our podcast content, you’re still going to see Anthony around, as he’ll still be publishing Breaking Buffalo Rumblings. Let’s give Anthony a massive community thanks for all of the great work he’s done for us.

JSpenceTheKing will be taking over Anthony’s podcast network manager duties, in addition to his previous role of managing the vidcast network. In order to help Spence manage all of the casts, we are happy to announce that Sara Larson has been added to the team as Spence’s top deputy. You will continue to see both Spence and Sara on bylines on the site as they keep us apprised of all of the audio and video content they’re helping to produce. Welcome, Sara, and congrats, Spence!

Darrell Lane is also joining our editorial team as a paid contributor. You’ve seen his byline before, as he helped our analysis team with film breakdowns throughout the 2022 regular season. Darrell will continue with his breakdown work, and whatever else is on his mind, once or twice a week. Welcome, Darrell!