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Code of Conduct: Run That Back

Nyheim Hines joins JSpenceTheKing on tonight’s “Code of Conduct”

Fresh off the Senior Bowl, JSpenceTheKing is back with the Code Of Conduct and ready for the Super Bowl. This weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs go head to head for a chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy and add to the banners in their stadium.

The new Pro Bowl format has been criticized by players and fans alike after the NFL opted to turn the event into a flag football game, along with other games such as dodgeball and longest drive at Bear’s Best Golf Course in Las Vegas, NV.

Tonight’s guest is Buffalo Bills running back and return man Nyheim Hines.

While we’ve embedded the live video feed below, if you want to participate, you should head over to YouTube. You can watch it here, but you can’t ask questions and engage with us live. Join us, then subscribe so you don’t miss another show!

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