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Buffalo Bills 2022 film review: Offensive giveaways, Part 4

It was fun while it lasted, right?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Choo-choo! The Turnover Train is boarding for its final ride. Check out the final seven giveaways from the Buffalo Bills’ 2022 season below. Or don’t. For your mental health, it’s actually better if you don’t, I’d bet. But thanks for clicking on the page anyway. If you happen to stomach the GIFs below, feel free to drop a comment on your specific level of nausea.

Nicholas Morrow’s interception — Week 16

This game was tighter than expected, with this play ultimately handing Chicago a field goal and putting it back within one score. The Bills ran away with things afterward but this was a bit of an anxiety-producing moment. This 2nd & 7 play directed at James Cook set the young running back up open with enough space to get most of the needed yards, if not all of them with a little wiggle. Allen had a lane and tons of space in the pocket. This was simply an overthrow with Nicholas Morrow being in the right place at the right time.

Devin McCourty’s interception — Week 18

In Week 18, Christian Barmore (90) was credited for a pass defense that the pause above shows pretty well. Josh Allen couldn’t get his arm all the way where he wanted it, let alone step into the throw. It sailed and Devin McCourty was there to take it back the other way.

Devin Singletary’s Fumble vs. Patriots — Week 18

The initial contact to Devin Singletary looks like it occupied his left arm, impeding a more robust chance to secure the ball. The impact on his shoulder jarred everything loose — and the result was clear just from the name of the series this turnover is part of.

Xavien Howard’s interception — Super Wild Card Weekend

I covered this one with my game recap and my re-watch convinced me to reuse the GIF from that one. In other words, my opinion hasn’t changed with time. John Brown was wide open by the standard we’re used to seeing. I don’t know if Allen actually intended to place the ball where I posit it should have gone and couldn’t step in to deliver, or if this was a miscue of another type. What I do know though is that the play designed Brown open and Brown was there for a score.

Jevon Holland’s interception — Super Wild Card Weekend

Once in awhile the broadcast shows the reality better than the All-22. Such is the case here where the sideline and end zone cameras at Highmark Stadium just don’t reflect how this one went down with enough resolution. This is pretty much a guaranteed first down in most cases, but Cole Beasley inexplicably couldn’t hang on (it happens). The ball popped up rather than down. Jevon Holland was right where it ended up. Good play. Good route. Unfortunate result.

Eric Rowe’s sack strip and Zach Sieler’s touchdown — Super Wild Card Weekend

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Bills didn’t pick up Eric Rowe and he came in off the edge untouched. We’re used to seeing Allen shrug off defenders but the combination of Rowe’s speed, the surprise element, and yes...Rowe’s wrap up twisted Allen and ripped the ball free. Rowe ended up in front of Allen’s path, which helps finish the job. Zach Sieler was the first to the ball and first to the end zone too.

Cam Taylor-Britt’s Interception — Divisional Round


That’s it for the 2022 giveaways. The Buffalo Rumblings analysis team is hardly done, which is good news for everyone. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you comprehensive offseason coverage.