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Minnesota Vikings release WR Adam Thielen

Is Thielen a fit for what ails the Buffalo Bills?

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Of interest to the Buffalo Bills should be the news that wide receiver Adam Thielen has been released by the Minnesota Vikings. Thielen, the 32-year-old former undrafted free agent out of Minnesota State joined the Vikings in 2014, where he once played with current Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

In nine seasons with Minnesota, Thielen compiled 534 receptions for 6,682 yards, with 55 touchdown catches. He added another 21 rushes for 172 yards and one touchdown.

Set to turn 33 just before the 2023 NFL regular season, the 6’2”, 200-pound Thielen still has plenty left in the tank for his next team. Thielen and Diggs played together in Minnesota from the 2015 through 2019 seasons. In five seasons together the tandem proved dynamic, posting a combined 680 receptions for 8,801 yards with 54 TD catches.

Their individual breakdowns from 2015-2019 (all stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference):

  • Thielen: 2015-2019 — 315 receptions for 4,178 yards, 24 TD catches
  • Diggs: 2015-2019 — 365 receptions for 4,623 yards, 30 TD catches

Averaging out their combined stats over five seasons, Thielen and Diggs put up an average of 136 receptions for 1,760 yards with 11 TD catches with quarterback Kirk Cousins and the Vikings.

While a proficient boundary receiver, Thielen could benefit from a move to the slot at this point in his career — a position the Buffalo Bills might just have an interest in upgrading with someone of his talent.

The question now is: Did Thielen depart Minnesota due to salary or opportunity? His time as a starter in the NFL is running out and Thielen may want a real chance at a title. With Buffalo, he’d have that opportunity — and a lot of familiarity with the Bills’ WR1. Is that enough to persuade him to take a team-friendly deal and pass up a destination like Missouri with the Kansas City Chiefs? One has to think Stefon Diggs has already thought about a reunion, and may have begun efforts to sway his employer and Thielen to partner up. Can the Bills capture more Minnesota magic?