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Bills Mathia: The Rule of Four, what do you mean “average” part 3

Our final installment on averages

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You’re a Buffalo Bills fan and you’re hungry for Bills content during the sparse days of spring. This might not be the most specific rabbit hole for your football needs, but it’s a fun journey to discover.

If you’re upset that this installment is our final one on the concept of “average,” then you’re my target audience. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of great math topics to come as Bills Mathia takes the football world by storm. A small, nerdy-as-hell storm.

We’ve gone from an elementary school refresher on the types of averages to a more sophisticated discussion on standard deviation. For most fans, however, there’s not a strong desire to do those complex calculations. And even less desire to put everything in fancy charts to make it all work. So where does that leave us?

If only some super-smart and probably nice-smelling person would come up with an easy-to-apply rule of thumb for the football world to use. It’d be even cooler if that rule of thumb struck a good balance between pure statistics and overly simplistic views of average. Maybe some day that hypothetical person from two sentences ago will come to our rescue. For now you’ll just have to deal with me plugging my Rule of Four.

As noted, that’ll do it for our three-part series on averages, which even I called myself a nerd for doing. The hint for the next episode is vague, as all I’ll tell you is that it was the first idea jotted down on the list that eventually became “Bills Mathia.” Unless you hacked my phone or are a mind reader, that hint isn’t particularly helpful. What I won’t deliver in hints though, I’ll give in promises. There will be actual football in the next video.