Is Buffalo the MLB cemetary?

Like many of you, I've been waking up every day expecting the giant hole created by 49's departure to be filled. We all know Beane prefers not to go into the draft with glaring holes on the roster, and IMO, it is a bad idea to depend on a late first or second round rookie to be responsible for the most complex position on the D of a Super Bowl contender anyway.

Why have we seen so many decent LBs sign elsewhere without Buffalo seeming to be in play? I'm starting to wonder if their is a perception among players that this position on Buffalo's D isn't a desirable spot to thrust themselves into...

A big point of contention on here in regards to 49 was his lack of big plays... Perhaps there is an outside perception among players that it is the position itself that created that effect. Most of these FA LBs have well-rounded numbers - lots of tackles, 5ish sacks, multiple TOs. . I wonder if they see Buffalo as a place that will hurt their next contract?

I really hope Beane can make something happen here, and that what I'm writing amounts to nothing more than me overthinking the whole thing. But it sure is strange that we havent heard much of anything connecting any LBs to Buffalo to fill an important spot on a SB contender.

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