Looking Ahead to Future Problems

Going into Next Off-Season Defensive Tackle and Safety are Some of Our Bigger Needs. Micah Hyde is a Free Agent and on the Older Side(32) and Daquan Jones, Ed Oliver, and Tim Settle are all Free Agents. Personally I Think it’s Time to Start Finding Cheaper Talent and Start Drafting and Developing to Replace These Players. Would I Like Micah Hyde Back, Yes but the Bills Gotta Start Finding Ways to Save Money were They Can. As for Defensive Tackles Jones, Oliver, and Settle, I Would Only Keep Jones on a 1 or 2 Year Extension. Oliver and Settle( Specifically Oliver) Have Been on the Inconsistent Side of Things and I Think you Could Find That Type of Play in Cheaper FreeAgent Vets and Late Draft Picks. I Understand The Bills Have to Find Solutions to Their Problems that They Have this Year but They Should Start to Look Ahead to the Problems of Next Year.

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