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Fans of the Buffalo Bills are a superstitious lot

More than a little “stitious”

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

As a fan of the Buffalo Bills, have you ever had a moment of panic because you didn’t have your lucky jersey on by game time? If you answered “no” odds are good it would be a “yes” if I asked the same question but used a different article of clothing. Or food. Or some other superstition. At least according to a survey conducted by Betway.

Per Betway’s survey of 1,250 NFL fans, 54% of us admit to being superstitious. When it comes to specific activities associated with superstition it seems that 54% is underselling things. Almost 80% of fans admitted to having lucky clothes (guilty as charged in my case). Having a lucky seat, food, or face paint all were popular as well with roughly 13 of respondents engaging in these actions too.

Not all fan bases are equally superstitious of course. So where do we land in the grand scheme of things? Bills Mafia came in fourth overall from the survey, behind fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and Chicago Bears.

In addition to the survey responses, Betway looked at social media posts from the last year to scour for references to superstitious activity. Bills fans may lean toward their traditions, but aren’t necessarily posting about them. Ten other teams’ fan bases had more posts than Buffalo’s did.

As another part of the data, Betway asked NFL supporters who was the most unlucky when it came to the big game. I’m going to end my article here as I think most of can predict where the Bills landed on this particular question. If you’re into confirming your hunch, remember that Betway link is at the top of this article.

For a fun distraction, feel free to discuss your superstitions below.