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How “cringey” are fans of the Buffalo Bills?

As always, the internet has the answer

NFL: NOV 01 Texans at Bills

If there’s one thing that’s as entrenched as rivalries between teams, it’s rivalries between fan bases. Fans latch onto some pretty wild things in the name of “fun” and “superiority.” Just ask New England Patriots fans driving by a strategically placed billboard “won” by fans of the Buffalo Bills. With more information and ways to collect it than ever, we get some interesting ways to compare groups. So then, where does Bills Mafia fall when it comes to how “cringey” they are? US Betting Report tried to answer this exact question.

Check out their full piece on this here, while I deliver on a few fun facts that I think Bills fans will get a kick out of. For you methodology lovers in the audience, 2,000 NFL fans were asked “which team they believed to have the most cringe-inducing supporters.”

The Buffalo Bills came in eighth place, which fans of my work will recognize puts them barely outside of the group I’d usually call average. The Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers actually tied in this spot. I won’t spoil all the fun over at US Betting Report though, so if you want to know what percentage of votes we got you can check it out over there.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs all were considered more cringey than we are so suck on that, fans of those teams. Bills fans might be shocked to see that the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars fans are toward the very bottom of the list. The survey respondents must not be as irritated by these fan bases as I often feel. Or possible “annoying” wasn’t considered synonymous with “cringey.”

Alright Bills fans, weigh in. Do you think they have us about right? Should we work hard to stake our claim as the “cringiest” next season? Or try to slide lower down the list?