NFL Musings and Observations (Mental Gymnastics)

In life we have had an obsession to find validity for our actions. I remember the Family Guy episode where Quagmire completely destroys Brian and everything that Brian tries to stand for is torn down. It's actually incredibly well done and honestly shocked the writers of Family Guy would be able to tear down one of the famous characters in a moment of inter-reflection. One of my favorite and specific lines is about Holden Caulfield who is one of the most selfish people in his world. He complains about all the "phonies" as he is better than them but in fact he is one of the biggest "phonies" in the book.

What I do love is the "mental gymnastics" that some people will do to make Holden Caulfield into the idea of teenage rebellion. I just don't buy it but that's just me, but I see how the myths of Holden has turned into something he is not. We see this a lot in entertainment as people try to make mental gymnastics to fix a plot etc. For example, The Last Jedi completely ruined Star Wars with a ship jumping into light speed and destroying the Super Star Destroyer. If this method could have worked why wouldn't the Rebellion have done this to the Death Star?

How does this relate to the NFL world? Because a team is going to completely overthink something it is just what happens. I'll give an example and some teams right now have Bryce Young as the best QB in this NFL Draft. Bryce Young to be successful will have to buck the traditional blueprint of an NFL QB. He will be one of the shortest if not the shortest QB in the league, one of the shortest ever drafted.

With that said if the Bills trade for DeAndre Hopkins there will be some fans who are upset. That is silly and mental gymnastics. Here is what we know, the Bills last year only had one WR who could create space via leverage and route running consistently, Diggs. Hopkins may be older but he can still generate his own space because his game has never been built upon pure speed. He uses his size and he feasts running slants. This is a no-brainer if the Bills can trade you go for the trade.

The other reason to trade for Hopkins is to keep him away from the Chiefs. Simply put, sometimes you just want to take a possible advantage away from your biggest competitor. The Chiefs have a history of success and they're the hill the Bills need to conquer to get to the Superbowl. This is in the Bills mind, I guarantee it.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Damien Harris is a damn good free agency signing. The Bills I believe have significantly improved the RB room from last year. Cook will be entering year two in the system, Hines will be in the system and now Harris will be the bigger back. For anyone saying he can't be a finisher, go back and watch how he has finished games for the Patriots.

2.) It is not always about big splashy signings in free agency. The Bills struggled to obtain yards after the catch and I believe part of it was Josh Allen didn't always have time to put the ball where it helps the WR go but I also believe the Bills lacked YAC kind of weapons. Trent Sherfield and Deonte Harty and low risk signings will add in what the Bills are missing on offense with yards after the catch. Bills needed an upgrade at the guard position and magically the Bills brought in two good signings with Connor McGovern and David Edwards brings in upgrades (Not hard considering how bad the guards played last year) and competition.

3.) The Bills should not have any position except QB off the board come draft time. This is where any team wants to be because the Bills do have places they can improve but they do not have a position that is such an eye sore that it needs to be addressed in the first round. Some teams are in the boat that they need to draft CB, OL, QB etc. It really leads to teams being stuck and held almost hostage because if you're desperate you'll go over the top.

4.) Can we take a moment and realize that for the most part most teams would want to change places with the Bills. This is a continual playoff team, they have the second best QB in the league. Yes, I put Josh Allen above Burrow, call it bias but I also think he is better than Burrow. They're competitive, they don't really have a rude or a jerk on the team. The players love the town and its just great.

5.) Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane are not on the hot seat at all. As Kim Peluga had medical issues and is recovering McBeane became the full spokesperson for the team. They handled the Bills image starting with the tragic Active Shooter at Tops, the Punt God controversy, injuries, two storms of the centuries and Damar Hamlin suffering cardiac arrest on the field. They completely handled everything, that kind of leadership is huge for an organization.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) Pat McAfee looked terrible on twitter and regretted it as Brett Kollman and his followers called him out. He magically had to claim the whole I didn't mean to block you but to mute your line and then backtracked. Pat McAfee came off as petty and I'll be honest sounded an awful lot like Aaron Rogers. Kollman was trying his best to raise awareness for a Colts fan in need and McAfee to me was off brand as it seemed if it wasn't for "his brand" he didn't care. Luckily, Twitter pushed back.

2.) Roger Gooddell is up for another contract and he should get a new one. He has done exactly what the NFL owners want which employs him. He also takes the heat for the owners and has built a fairly good relationship with the players union and they have not had any significant labor issues. Honestly, his biggest mistake is not having full time referees. As we all remember the terrible replacement refs.

3.) The Lamar Jackson saga is just odd at this point. The NFL says that teams can't negotiate with non licensed agents which allegedly was happening for Lamar Jackson. No team is talking to obtain Lamar Jackson, Atlanta doesn't want to have a chat with Lamar Jackson? Reports saying he wanted a fully guaranteed contract and now Jackson is denying it. This is just an odd event.

4.) One team always crashes, it's just the way it works. My guess for the NFC team which made the playoffs last year and will miss it this year is the Minnesota Vikings. I believe the Lions are going to be winning the NFC North and they won a lot of close games and I don't buy that it will happen again. For the AFC Team I believe the Dolphins are going to have some issues and not make the playoffs. The Dolphins won some close games and had some lucky bounces. I also have reservations about Tua. The Dolphins also will not sneak up on anyone like they did last year and more so, they didn't improve the OL.

5.) Titans are tanking in my mind as it appears they're completely holding a fire sale. This is the fear when you allocate a lot of the salary cap to the running back position. Think I'm making this up? McCaffery, Kamara, Cook, Henry, Chubb, Mixon, Jones, Pollard, Jacobs, Barkley those are the top 10 RB salaries and anyone see a Superbowl? The Titans were built in the image of their coach Mike Vrabel. They legit gave away AJ Brown instead of moving King Henry. They prioritized running game and defense

Mock Draft: I am making all the picks and no trades. I am also thinking the Bills will be losing their 3rd Round Pick for DeAndre Hopkins.

27th: Jack Campbell, LB: He screams Bills player and he fills kind of a need. Has a similar physical skill set as Tremaine Edmunds. He comes with better instincts than Edmunds and some may say it's a reach, Bills don't care, they want this kind of player.

59th: John Micheal Schmitz, C: Bills have to be ready for when Mitch Morse retires. This fills a need and he is a senior with four years of starting experience. He screams the process.

91st: Bills send it to Arizona for Hopkins

130th: Sean Tucker, RB: I'll take Tucker with the 130th overall pick. He is a home run threat and it really makes me think he would be a good mix as the Bills want to have a RB by committee approach.

137th: Tyler Steen, T: I don't think the Bills want to give a ton of competition for Spencer Brown as of right now but I think they will add in some.

205th: Asim Richards, T: Again bringing in some OL is never a bad idea.

Have a great weekend!

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