The Big Trade...

It seems like there is this wait for one more big move, whether it is a free agent signing of Calsis Campell or Odell Beckham Junior or the potential for a trade for another OWP.

Some trading block names:

1. Derrick Henry

2. Austin Eckler

3. Deandre Hopkins

4. Jonah Williams

As with any trade it is about what you give up and with Ed Oliver, Gabe Davis most likely candidates to be involved in such a swap which potential target has you the most optimistic that it could get the Bills over the hump. Now Jonah Williams there hasn't been any chatter of the Bills being interested but could be a shake up that is needed on the o-line has with the unknown nature of Spencer Brown maybe a team like the Bengals could roll the dice on him while we move forward for a year with Dawkins and Williams.

Henry and Eckler bring a dynamic we haven't had in the backfield in a long time. We never saw the true potential of Marshawn Lynch/Mcgahee all the way through and Spiller just had one amazing season with a coach who knew how to utilize him.

Many will point that Henry needs volume carrying and could disrupt the whole offense but I think he could do better with half the carries and just continue to work those legs. Often times biggest thing with him is just not stopping his legs from moving. Eckler gives you an everything running back with ability to split out wide, it would almost be like adding a RB and Slot WR at the same time. He still has enough power to keep Josh from those QB sneaks.

I'm not saying any deal gets done with any of these players but how do you feel about the Big Trade tension? Is it worth it for 1 Superbowl in the books?

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