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Bills Mathia: Standard Deviation, what do you mean “average” part 2

Yeah, we’re really doing this I guess

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Hey Buffalo Bills fans! Bills Mathia is back, and we continue our series on averages with Part 2: Standard Deviation. While this is one of my favorite statistical concepts, it does steer way more toward the math than the football side of things. Still, for the uninitiated, this primer on standard deviation should be required viewing for anyone wanting to dive into the world of football stats. Not that I’m biased or anything.

While bringing in football clips wasn’t in the cards for this video, I try to at least work in some fun football facts. Zach Wilson achieved a statistical feat that has me laughing out loud. Tua Tagovailoa had a remarkable season in one metric and I weigh in on the chances of a repeat. And you won’t want to miss how I “peer into the matrix” to take two stats to formulate a conclusion on a third.

And, hey, a lot of the charts are color-coded — and therefore aesthetically pleasing, I hope.

I don’t tease what Part 3 of our series on averages will be, but if you’ve followed Buffalo Rumblings and my work long enough, you might still be able to guess where we’re going. While I love standard deviation, I don’t exactly expect it to creep up all the time in casual conversation. Next week’s topic takes much of the positive aspects of standard deviation, but makes it more of a rule of thumb to categorize. That also means we’re backing off the pure math for an episode.