How Bad Did Jim Kelly Treat Bills Fans in His Prime?

I was on the Bills Reddit page and there was a post on there about how Jim Kelly was a real jerk to Bills fans, when they encountered him, in and around Buffalo. This was during his prime playing days, not after his cancer, or the loss of his son. Most of the responses on Reddit said that he's much more pleasant if you bump into him now.

I would like to know if any Rumblers met Kelly in his playing days and what it was like? I've only seen a handful of Bills games in person and live about 100 miles away from Buffalo. I remember once, the wife and I were in the city in the early '90's and we stopped in to the bar/restaurant, Kelly had downtown. I remember seeing a lot of his memorabilia there and we asked a worker if Big Jim ever stops in. She gave us the old, "You just missed him". LOL.

I know Kelly initially did not want to play for the Bills, but just wondered if once he got established, it was really that bad for him. With Josh Allen almost universally beloved, I wanted to get some Rumblers opinions on Kelly's personality.

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