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Jordan Addison & Stefon Diggs could be dynamite pairing for Buffalo Bills

Can he be WR2 much of Bills Mafia longs for?

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Wide receiver Jordan Addison out of USC is one of the top receivers in the upcoming 2023 NFL draft. Many draft experts have him pegged as a potential first-round pick. What makes the possibility for Addison to the Buffalo Bills so real is that he’s already met with them at the NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend. In addition, one of the receivers Addison models his game after is Bills superstar Stefon Diggs. With all that let’s see what the tape says about the former Biletnikoff Award winner.

Addison possesses high-level route running

Addison is silky smooth when it comes to route running. In the clip, the UCLA corner played off coverage on Addison pre-snap. When the play started Addison ate up the cushion given to him and then turned quickly outside. Addison then planted and turned again up field. When Addison opened up and ran down the field you could see the amount of space he was able to create between himself and the defender. Addison then outran the corner who was covering him to the sideline.

Addison’s adeptness catching the football

Here we see Addison lined up in the slot. When the ball was snapped, Addison turned up field. Having been thrown a poor ball, Addison had to come back to the ball and adjust to catch it low (which typically kills a receiver’s stride). The most impressive thing Addison did on this play was catch the low pass and then gather himself to head upfield quickly and fluidly for yards after the catch.

Addison has favorable balance and coordination

We see Addison versus off coverage again this time against Kyu Blue Kelly of Stanford (one of the better corners in this draft class). Addison ate up the cushion given to him by Kelly, and then planted and accelerated past Kelly to create slight separation (which is impressive given how far off Kelly was to start). When Addison caught the ball, he broke the tackle from the Stanford corner and kept his balance as he walked into the end zone for the touchdown.

In summary

As seen above, Jordan Addison is a natural at the receiver position. His natural ability and proficiency running routes should serve him well in the NFL. So, is Addison the complement to Diggs the Bills have been looking for? Does Addison remind you of Diggs at all?