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More Buffalo Rumblings team changes: Say hello to our new boss

Dan Lavoie gets his flowers, and a new Editor-in-Chief is announced — and we name an Editor-at-Large

Buffalo Rumblings Zoom Background

Effective March 1, 2023, the Buffalo Rumblings editorial team made three changes of significant-enough import that it warrants telling the community about them. Things are going to look a little different when you visit our site masthead, and while our coverage of the Buffalo Bills won’t be changing, the names on the bylines that you’re used to seeing will be, in some cases.

Thank you, Dan Lavoie

Matt: Many of you know Dan Lavoie as Buffalo Rumblings’ preeminent NFL Draft voice, a role he’s adeptly managed for nearly a decade. Few can boast Dan’s ability to astutely dissect both that which the Bills lack, and those in said group(s) who should, could, and likely are courted by One Bills Drive.

It’s bittersweet to wish Dan well as he transitions out of his role with our team. Time with family is something we here at Buffalo Rumblings value above all, and Dan’s wish is to be more available to his amazing young family. For that, I applaud Dan’s decision to allow someone else to step into his role.

To fully thank Dan, we’d need to take out a Billboard along various highways and influence Marv Levy to eloquently write at length about the incredible things Dan’s done as part of our team.

Dan has long been an integral part of the Rumblings community, beginning with his days commenting as “danroc.” His insight into the NFL Draft process was immediately coveted by our team, and he soon joined the writers’ ranks as a draft guru. The rest? Is history. If there were a Buffalo Rumblings Wall of Fame, Dan’s name would be cemented there, for all to see ad infinitum.

But Dan has been so much more than draft content for so long. He’s the one whose words Bills Mafia would read in-game or following a game, always pointing out key moments that may have been missed or forgotten. Dan’s forever Buffalo Rumblings family, no matter how or when he’s involved. While we won’t see Dan writing here consistently, he may find reason to author something from time to time. For that, we’re supremely lucky to have him sticking around.

Best of luck to you in all you do moving forward, Dan. We’ll miss all you’ve brought to Buffalo Rumblings, and are forever thankful for what you’ve helped us build as a brand.

A new role for Brian Galliford: Editor-at-Large

Brian: When I returned to Buffalo Rumblings back in October of 2022 after a six-plus-year hiatus, I thought I knew what I was in for. And, in some respects, I was right: I had a lot of fun running the site I founded back in 2007 again; I enjoyed getting to know the very large, energetic, and talented editorial staff that Matt Warren had assembled before my arrival; and the Bills’ season ended in typically excruciating fashion.

Here’s the thing, though: the job has changed. MRW turned the EIC role at Buffalo Rumblings into something entirely different than it was when I left, and that’s a good thing. The site grew, which was MRW’s job, and as that growth occurred, a role change was needed.

It’s not for me. I have two young children and a full-time job, and I didn’t want to spend what little free time I had chasing down management issues.

When I started BR as a college junior, I did so to write. Writing about the Bills is the thing that I love, and the sole reason I came back at all. The EIC role didn’t afford me the time to write the way that I want to write. So I’m stepping down into a staff role instead — leaving the EIC role in a much better place than where it was in my stewardship, and opening the door for me to get back to doing what I came here to do.

So, I’m staying, and you’ll (hopefully) be reading my thoughts a lot more. But that creates an opening at Editor-in-Chief, and I’m so very relieved that we had a person on the team already who is more than up to the task; he’s going to make this place bigger and better than ever.

Introducing Matt Byham as Editor-in-Chief

Matt: The byline has changed but, yes, it’s me “The AfghanTwilight.” I’ve largely remained “Guy Incognito” in this space for the last 15 years — the past five as a member of the Rumblings team. Now as editor in chief, I can no longer remain in the shadows.

The opportunity presented to me here quite honestly makes me realize how incredibly fortunate I am. Back in October of 2008 I joined this blog, looking for a place to chat with others in real time about those frustratingly wonderful ‘aughts Bills teams. Interestingly enough, it’s because of Democrat & Chronicle sports writer Sal Maiorana and his blog that I found Buffalo Rumblings — thanks to a handy link in this direction.

As you can see, I never left. Buffalo Rumblings became an instant game changer for me. A place I could somewhat covertly chat about all things Bills during the day job. And I posted a lot.

Fairly quickly, I sought to join the team and help out in any way possible. It took a bit of convincing over the years, and three changes at EIC before I received an email from Matt Warren that I somehow managed to see amid 30,000+ bits of spam. I enthusiastically agreed to join the team as a copy editor and occasional writer.

Persistence paid off and here I am, now suddenly leading 20 incredible people with personalities unique as each day’s sunset.

As a team, we have so many great ideas we’re excited to bring to you, our faithful readership/viewership, this year and beyond. While we aim to be great every day, we’re even better than imaginable because of the community’s participation.

Despite what Brian said above about his second tenure as EIC, he’s thee reason I became so passionate about Buffalo Rumblings in the first place. He’s an adept and supremely talented writer, and a seasoned journalist who raises the bar for what great Buffalo Bills content should be. We’re all incredibly lucky to have him as a part of the Buffalo Rumblings team.

I look forward to steering this ship as we grow in an effort to continue bringing you the best, most engaging Buffalo Bills news, analysis, history, and more.

Go Bills!