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Buffalo Bills 2023 NFL Draft analysis of OT Darnell Wright

Wright’s potential as a franchise right tackle in the NFL is undeniable

Tennessee v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The offensive line was one of the Buffalo Bills’ biggest weaknesses of the 2022 NFL season. The Bills have done a solid job of addressing the interior of the o-line in free agency, adding guards Conner McGovern and David Edwards. Many believe the team still needs to find competition for current right tackle Spencer Brown. The 2023 NFL Draft could provide Buffalo with a few solid options at offensive tackle. There should be players available to the Bills who could come in and compete to start from day one, such as Tennessee Volunteers offensive tackle Darnell Wright. Let’s take a look at some film on Wright!

Darnell Wright’s athleticism

Part of being a top-flight offensive tackle is athleticism. At the combine, Wright ran a 5.01 40-yard dash with a 29” vertical at 6’5 and 333 pounds. Wright’s athleticism play out on tape. At the snap, Wright flared out on the screen, moved upfield well and stayed ahead of the running back the entire time — showing the prowess to move well in the open field and clear lanes ahead of the ball carrier.

Darnell Wright handles Will Anderson Jr. — Part 1

The consensus best player in the 2023 draft class is edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. out of Alabama. Here, Wright went toe-to-toe with Anderson, never in danger of losing the upper hand. At the snap, Wright stopped Anderson from bending around the edge. When Anderson tried to utilize his spin move, Wright absorbed it and contained Anderson through the play.

Wright Handling Will Anderson Jr. — Part 2

We see Wright again stifle Anderson Jr. At the snap, Anderson tried to bull rush Wright, who showed great power and anchor by withstanding Anderson’s aggressive pursuit.

Darnell Wright’s pulling game

Here, Wright pulled left at the snap, then turned upfield and moved the Pittsburgh defender out of the hole to create space for the running back.

Darnell Wright’s drive-blocking ability

Wright showed off his power and effort during this play. After the snap, Wright drove the back the defender, and continued to block him up the field. Wright then kept churning his feet and pushing the pile further. Great push and great play by Wright.

Is Darnell Wight the missing piece for the Buffalo Bills’ offensive line? While Wright will have to continue developing his game to adapt to the increased talent level of the NFL, he’s shown the ability to block some of the best defenders in college. Wright made the move from left tackle to right at Tennessee, which allowed him to improve his NFL Draft status and seems to be his natural fit as a pro. If his success versus players such as Will Anderson Jr. are any indication, Darnell Wright should become a solid pro in the NFL for years to come.