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Buffalo Bills may be aggressive trading up in 2023 NFL Draft, per report

If Beane and the Bills covet a certain player, all bets are off on them staying put

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane has proven to be a bold and aggressive player during the NFL Draft, having moved up and down the boards multiple years. Quarterback Josh Allen, linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, and cornerback Kaiir Elam are all players Brandon Beane moved up in the first round to select. When you also consider the moves made to land wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Beane’s propensity to deal draft currency for talent is must-see TV.

In a report shared on Monday by New York Upstate Bills writer Ryan Talbot (citing an ESPN Insider draft buzz story by Matt Miller) the Buffalo Bills and Brandon Beane may be preparing to move up in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft to give quarterback Josh Allen more help on offense. The Bills only have six selections in this year’s draft, but rumors have begun to spread that Beane could try packaging a few of those picks to move up on the first night of the draft.

Per Matt Miller:

The Buffalo Bills are another AFC title contender with eyes on moving up, based on what I’ve heard from sources around the league. The Bills will play the board and see who is falling, but with the No. 27 selection, it’s very possible general manager Brandon Beane gets anxious and moves up for an interior offensive lineman or offensive skill player. That said, Buffalo has six total selections in this draft, so trading up very far wouldn’t be possible without mortgaging future draft classes.

But at what cost to the Buffalo Bills would moving up in this year’s draft represent, especially considering One Bills Drive is already operating with one less pick than the traditional seven? With Miller stating that Beane and the organization would have to mortgage future drafts, it might not make sense for them to move too far up in Round 1 this year.

But Talbot sees things differently, offering a potential solution to Buffalo moving up in the first round without sacrificing too much in future drafts.

Per Ryan Talbot:

Buffalo could realistically package their first round pick this year (No. 27) and a day-two pick next year to get a prospect that they feel can help Josh Allen in 2023. The Bills are projected to get an extra third round selection via compensatory pick for losing Tremaine Edmunds to the Chicago Bears in free agency. Knowing that, Buffalo may be willing to use their 2024 third round pick and first round pick this season to move up for an offensive lineman or offensive skill player.

With that in mind, does it make sense for the Bills to be aggressive and move up? We understand Super Bowl windows, and that with each passing season the window closes a little. Additionally, through the imperfect science of mock drafts, it’s become clear that Buffalo staying put might not represent their best chance at addressing needs where talent speaks loudest.

While it’s important to remember that, in reality, all teams are looking to move up if a player they covet drops accordingly — this is still potentially welcome news to those in Bills Mafia who believe the team needs more firepower. To that end, perhaps the juiciest wing in this rumor is the idea that Beane may be targeting a player to help Allen. That leaves plenty of prospects in play, but one can’t help but wonder who Brandon Beane may have eyes on among receiver, lineman, or, yes — perhaps a certain running back.