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Von Miller claims Buffalo Bills are adding “another big time weapon”

Miller is playing the role of a GM already — or at least doing his best to keep Twitter stirred up

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller has made his post-playing career plans well known over the past six months — he wants to be a general manager of an NFL team. He’s also been working on his recruiting skills since landing with the Bills last season.

While Miller’s quest to bring Odell Beckham, Jr. to Buffalo fell flat despite cryptic tweets, claims that the wide receiver would be his teammate, and a slew of other not-very-subtle hints, Miller is once again on the recruitment trail.

Built In Buffalo founder/writer Peter DiBiasi tweeted that during an episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Miller claimed the Bills are adding “another big time weapon” to their roster.

Of course, this set the Twitter universe spinning. Miller has made claims that DeAndre Hopkins — the wide receiver the Arizona Cardinals have spent most of the offseason trying to trade to... well, anyone willing to give up a lot of draft capital — wants to play in Buffalo.

But, again, remember that Miller made similar claims about Beckham and, while the Bills did have OBJ in for a visit last year before the playoffs, they made no offer. And when Beckham hosted his own pro day this offseason, the Bills still didn’t give the wide receiver a spot on their roster — despite Miller’s best efforts to bring his former Super Bowl teammate to One Bills Drive.

Similarly, with Hopkins, it looks as if the asking price might be just too high for a 30-year-old receiver. On March 27, Bills general manager Brandon Beane didn’t sound like he was too committed to talking about trading for the Pro Bowl receiver, saying that “social media is social media” and that “sometimes we’ve done 1% (of what’s being reported).”

But, is Miller all wrong? The Bills did take interest in Beckham, they just ultimately didn’t bring him on board. Since those claims, Miller has shadowed Beane, learning more about the front-office position he hopes to have in the future. So, does he know something we don’t? Or is he just stirring things up and helping a buddy stay relevant as no team seems to be making that move. Is Miller just talking to raise Hopkins’ stock as the league heads into next weekend’s NFL Draft with the Cardinals still looking for more picks? Or will Beane pull one of his “no one saw that coming in the middle of the night” infamous moves that has all of Bills Mafia waking up one morning, rushing to order new jerseys?

Only Miller knows, for now.