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Buffalo Rumblings cast episodes for 4/24/2023: Only 3 more days until the NFL Draft

Tune in today for Billieve, Circling the Wagons, Intentional Grounding, Leading the Charge, Off Tackle with John Fina

The Buffalo Rumblings vidcast and podcast network has got you covered every day! We have something for all of you. Be sure to tune in to get all the off-season content you know you need.

Circling the Wagons Podcast with Nate, Jon, and Mike (Monday at 8 a.m. EDT)

In this pair of episodes, we talk about the Tyler Bass extension, the A.J. Klein signing, Damar Hamlin news, and the rumors of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams’ break up and if it could affect Allen’s play on the field (not so much the soap opera drama, but how it could affect the Bills positively or negatively in 2023).

Then we talk about predictions that Bills and general manager Brandon Beane could make in the draft, positions/players we think they could draft high, players/positions we’d like them to draft high, and positions/players we don’t want them to draft high, plus our mock draft and much more! Listen now and Go Bills!

Circling the Wagons is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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The Off Tackle with John Fina Show (Monday at 8 p.m. EDT)

This is Episode 2 of a three-part series leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft and the Buffalo Bills continue to surround Josh Allen with the tools he needs to take the next step. Join John and Joe as they talk this week about potential draft picks, moves and acquisitions for not only the Bills but all the teams in the AFC East.

The Draft is Thursday night! Who do you have the Bills taking with their first pick?

The Off Tackle with John Fina Show is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Intentional Grounding with Sterling Furrowh (Monday at 9 p.m. EDT)

Sterls will be joined by special guest from The Hoof Podcast on Monday’s episode of Intentional Grounding. The final countdown has begun, and rumors have already started to fly around the league. We will be breaking down the latest trade chatter and will be talking about which prospects could be climbing up draft board late. We will also narrow down what we think Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills will do with the 27th overall pick. Plus a final mock draft!

Intentional Grounding is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Stay locked in for more shows and content coming to you this week!

If you’ve missed our vidcasts/podcasts this weekend, be sure to download on Spotify and listen in — or head to the Buffalo Rumblings YouTube page and watch all of this weekend’s shows!

Billieve Podcast

With the 2023 NFL Draft rapidly approaching, on this week’s Billieve Podcast, hosts John Boccacino and Jamie D’Amico conduct their second-annual live, four-round NFL mock draft. Boccacino and D’Amico do their best to get inside the head of Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane, navigating their way through the draft boards to address Buffalo’s biggest roster needs heading into the 2023 season.

Billieve is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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Leading the Charge with Fernando Schmude (em português)

Fernando Schmude está de volta no Leading the Charge, e traz com ele Leonardo Carneiro e João Paulo Carvalho para o último mock draft antes de Brandon Beane e companhia selecionarem os novos reforços dos Bills para 2023. O mock será feito ao vivo, com a participação de toda Bills Mafia via chat.

Leading the Charge with Fernando Schmude is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms. His shows are in English and Portuguese.
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