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Buffalo Bills’ Brandon Beane gets antsy again in trade-up for Dalton Kincaid

Beane has traded up to select the majority of his Bills first-round draft picks

Utah v Oregon Photo by Ali Gradischer/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane may be a master of self-assessment.

Eight days before the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, Beane told reporters that he thought it was more likely that he would trade back, rather than trade up, for a player in the first round — even though his track record suggested otherwise.

“If I was in Vegas right now putting money down, I would say if we were going to do anything, it’d be more likely to go back than go up,” Beane said on April 19. “But listen, you’re talking to a guy who gets antsy at times and goes up and gets guys, so Vegas probably would still go against what I just suggested would happen.”

To define “at times,” let’s talk about all of the instances of Beane getting antsy with his first-round picks. He’s made six of them now as Bills GM, and after Thursday night’s trade up to select Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid, Beane has now moved up to acquire four of those six first-round picks.

  • 2018: Traded the No. 12, No. 53, and No. 56 overall picks to Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the No. 7 and No. 255 picks; selected Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen
  • 2018: Traded the No. 22 and No. 65 overall picks to Baltimore Ravens for the No. 16 and No. 154 picks; selected Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds
  • 2022: Traded the No. 25 and No. 130 overall picks to Ravens for the No. 23 pick; selected Florida cornerback Kaiir Elam
  • 2023: Traded the No. 27 and No. 130 overall picks to Jacksonville Jaguars for the No. 25 pick; selected Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid

The only two first-round draft picks in which Beane didn’t get antsy and move up were when he selected Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver with the No. 9 overall pick in 2019, and when he selected Miami (FL) defensive end Greg Rousseau at No. 30 overall in 2021.

Beane joked with reporters on Thursday night after selecting Kincaid, admitting before questions started that he’d lied about trading down. But as it turns out, he hadn’t lied at all — his self-assessed antsy tendency showed up once again.