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Buffalo Rumblinks, 4/5: Bills, State, Erie County reach final stadium deal

Plus, why wide receiver is a popular pick for the Bills in mock drafts

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Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills moved another step closer to the finish line of their new football stadium with Tuesday’s news that the team, New York State, and Erie County have come to an agreement on a final stadium deal.

Today’s edition of Buffalo Rumblinks leads off by breaking down the news that the deal has been agreed upon between the three parties and will now go to the legislature for a vote.

Bills, New York state, Erie County reach final stadium deal

It’s been a little more than a year since the memorandum of understanding was reached by the Bills, Erie County, and the state. This week the full agreement, including terms of the new 30-year lease to keep the Bills in Orchard Park, NY, was released to the public and the documents were filed with Erie County on Tuesday.

Now, the Erie County Legislature has 30 days to review the documents before deciding whether to sign off on the $1.54 billion project, the last steps the new stadium needs to proceed. Linked below are the particulars of the new stadium deal, including examination of why relocation is unlikely — but not impossible — during the duration of the lease.

Diving into the mock NFL Drafts

As the NFL Draft gets closer, catch up on the latest assorted mock drafts to see which direction the Bills could go with pick No. 27 in the first round. Among the draft experts, many think the Bills could select a wide receiver in the first round. Plus, could Buffalo select linebacker Tremaine Edmunds’ successor in the draft?

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