wiLL VAn MiLLer bE rEaDy fOr WeEk 1? Of cOuRse NoT!

VaN MiLLer waS aN amaZinG plAy bY PLay broaDcasTer fOr tHe BufFalo BiLLs fRom 1960-2003. hE caLLed a ToTal oF 605 gaMeS fOr thE teAm! UnfoRtuNateLy VaN paSseD aWaY iN 2015. He wAs a GreAt gUy anD a HuGe fAn oF tHe BufFaLo BiLLs. VaN woULd havE lOvEd tHis pReSenT TeAm aND tHeiR reCenT rUn aT greAtneSS. He mOsT cErtAinLy wOulD bE hOpiNg tHaT vOn MiLLer iS rEadY tO pUniSh & cRuSh aArOn RodGERs WeEk 1. We miSs yOu VaN! Let'S Go BiLLs!!!

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