NFL Musings and Observations (Robocop)

Rarely is the sequel as good as the original. The best example of this is the classic 80s movie Robocop as it was a critique of modern society in regards to corporations and a dystopian Detroit which looks like modern day Detroit. With Robocop 2 and 3 it just went down hill as it didn't have the great characters of Clarence J. Boddicker with amazing lines like "Can you fly Bobby?" and of course "B*@ches Leave". The evil 1980s businessman in Dick Jones putting profits over people. It is just a fantastic movie.

This is not always true as with Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is by far the best movie of the whole Star Wars movie franchise. But for someone who is a huge movie fan I understand this is an outlier as the remakes and sequels are normally worse. As in the remake of Robocop with a human hand??? That's not the Robocop we wanted and it lost the magic of the original, and I'll buy that for a dollar.

How does this relate to the NFL? Because the league is a copy cat but what comes after the original almost never hits the same heights. Have an incredibly raw QB prospect with sky high talent and potential...ladies and gentlemen you have the "next Josh Allen". Hire on a Belicheck assistant, seriously it doesn't end well, you have "New England 2.0" . It is the way of things in the league as they continue to evolve and win. But a friendly reminder to all, to quote the great 90s band 311 "Come Original"

Random Bills Thoughts

1.) The biggest hope is the Bills will be able to count on Dalton Kincaid to fill the slot position. Josh Allen is at his best when the offense is fully using the slot option route. This was filled with Beasley and needed to be refilled and in comes Kincaid. If Kincaid hits the Bills will become very dangerous because magically everything kind of goes back into their role. Diggs remains the #1, Kincaid slides into the #2 as the vital slot option, Gabe Davis fills the #3 passing weapon with Dawson Knox making up the 4th passing option. Add in Shakir and the Bills look dangerous. But this is a huge "if".

2.) I'm most excited to see how Elam has improved over the off-season. His physical traits are elite but he had some technique issues. If he continues to improve he will be in the running in my opinion as one of the better CBs in the league. One of the things I believe he has is tremendous instincts. It is easy to see how good he is and how much of a natural feel he has for the game. It really just comes down to tools, timing and tactics. Can he bring it all together.

3.) James Cook will be in the Pro-Bowl next season. Someone timestamp this take, and it's not going to be one of those pity Pro-Bowl invites. I think the reasons are he will set up his blocks and little better as he was in the back half of last season and the addition of O'Cyrus Torrence. The big reason for this is he feels to me like a new Richie Incognito. I believe the Bills have lacked and I hate saying this because it brings back feelings of Rex Ryan but the Bills need the OL a "Bully". Now, I don't mean this in the classical sense but more so someone who can dig out the DTs and really anchor the middle.

4.) Matt Milano will always be a stud and lets be honest he is entering his prime and we should enjoy it because not every team will have a player that is such a stud as Milano. What I enjoy watching him the most is his instincts to fully understand the play and the leverage OL are trying to take and he blows it up.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) Strength of schedule is kind of a dangerous thing to state because we're talking hypothetical. I'll give an example, the Jets could be a dangerous team however Rogers struggled to adjust his leadership to the younger players while in Green Bay. Will Robert Saleh yield to Rogers? Again, no one knows. What's the status of Tua's health and the Dolphins have a very good skill position but refused to boost the OL. Patriots actually brought in an offensive coordinator, but Bill O'Brien is still a hack.

2.) NFL has got to be happy the Washington Commanders are going to be sold and Dan Snyder is out of the league sooner rather than later. Why? Because he is a creep, everything I have read is that he is a creep. He sunk one of the traditional powerhouse organizations and it will not, cannot recover under Snyder's ownership.

3.) Can we take a moment and discuss why QB mobility should be valued by said QBs and the reason is simple, how many of them want to be in the AFC now? Geno Smith in the NFC is a top 7 QB where as he would struggle to start in the AFC. If I'm a QB and not elite but good to very good I'm heading to the NFC.

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