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New York Jets’ owners of longest active major sports playoff drought

Let’s show some sympathy, Bills Mafia. The guy in that photo is Mark Sanchez — the last Jets playoff QB

New York Jets V New England Patriots Photo By: Robert Sabo/NY Daily News via Getty Images

The Monday before the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, out of the darkness strolled a freshly ayahuasca’d Aaron Rodgers to save the moribund New York Jets. A fan base straddling both sides of a river wide enough to consume Joe Namath’s guarantee, longing for someone new to lead the march past such bold proclamations — their time is now. When the franchise out of New Jersey begins training for its fall 2023 campaign, it will do so with the weight of 12 consecutive playoff-free seasons.

Buffalo Bills fans know the misery of such a scenario, finally bathing in the light of postseason play after 17 arduous seasons without so much as a real hint of playoff fanfare. There were points of hope, shattered by backups and practice-squad role players from the Pittsburgh Steelers, then years later being foiled by Trent Edwards’ hot start.

To many, what the Jets have endured goes far past just the last 12 seasons. Perhaps it’s fate for what Broadway Joe did all those years ago in guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory for his Jets. They won, to his credit.

Aaron Rodgers is New Jersey’s newest son, a soon-to-be 40-year-old Hall-of-fame-bound quarterback who’s often a malcontent and clearly focused on higher understanding away from the football field. Within Rodgers lies a fan base’s best hope at reclaiming glory too old for far too many to even recall.

But it won’t be smooth sailing as QB1 navigates the Hudson. Remember, Aaron Rodgers struggled to bring his Green Bay Packers a trophy or even playoff victories throughout much of his tenure in Wisconsin. He’s now set to operate within what many believe is the single most competitive division in professional football, within the league’s most difficult conference. It’s not going to be easy for Rodgers, or the Jets. His arrival guarantees nothing beyond improved play at the position. It takes more than a quarterback to reach the NFL’s pinnacle. Bills Mafia knows this.

Does he have the seeds to guarantee a Super Bowl victory for Jets fans? Maybe this article breaks their drought? That’s fine, but Josh Allen and the Bills aren’t going to step aside for a team trying to buy its way to a Super Bowl birth at their expense. Here’s to 13 seasons and counting for that football team in Jersey.