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Buffalo Bills announce scouting team promotions

One Bills Drive announce promotions for Malik Boyd, Lake Dawson, Chris Marrow, Curtis Rukavina, and A.J. Highsmith as scouting for 2024 and beyond gets underway

Lake Dawson

The Buffalo Bills announced on Friday several moves within the team’s scouting department. Malik Boyd, Lake Dawson, Chris Marrow, Curtis Rukavina, and A.J. Highsmith have all been promoted to new roles with the front office at One Bills Drive.

Malik Boyd steps into the role of Senior Personnel Advisor, and will perform executive scout duties within the team’s pro and college personnel departments. Boyd joined the Bills in 2017 as the team’s pro personnel director.

Lake Dawson has been promoted to Senior Executive. He will retain his role in college scouting for the team while also taking on responsibilities within the pro scouting department — an area that Dawson has built a wealth of experience in over the years. Dawson’s tenure with the Bills also began in 2017, when he joined the front office as the assistant director of college scouting.

Chris Marrow and Curtis Rukavina have each been named co-Director of Pro Scouting. Prior to their promotions, Marrow and Rukavina were assistant directors of pro scouting. Marrow and Rukavina began their careers with the Bills in 2017 as pro scouts.

A.J. Highsmith was named National Scout with the team. Highsmith joined the Bills in 2019, in the role of area scout.

While each bring a thorough background in football at myriad levels of competition, Malik Boyd and Lake Dawson are perhaps the names most NFL fans will find familiar. Boyd, who went undrafted, was a defensive back with the Minnesota Vikings during the 1994 and 1995 seasons. Dawson was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs during the third round of the 1994 NFL Draft to play wide receiver. Dawson played with the Chiefs from 1994 through 1998 before joining the Indianapolis Colts (1999-2001).