NFL Musings and Observations (Dieting and Results)

Dieting is hard; I know, understatement of the century. The hardest part of the diet and hitting the gym is seeing the results because often the scale lies. What doesn't lie is of course how your clothes fit. What are your clothes saying comes much faster than the scale because as your body changes from packing on the fat to the muscles the scale may not change but your clothes will.

For me how I feel change is in the shirts and the belt. Who has had to use a spot on their belt as they tighten it and you're like wow, I see the changes. It's about having a vision first and taking actions to see the results. But the vision and action plan need to be followed before any results can be seen in a realistic interruption. The issue for many, and myself included is staying with the vision and action plan.

So how does the Bills fall into this analogy? I believe the Bills want to hit the gym and get bigger. This to me is evident in their latest draft with who they selected and looks at three specific. The first is Dalton Kincaid is 6'4" and 247 pounds who is much closer to WR than TE. That is something the Bills haven;t had is an outside big weapon. O'Cyrus Torrence who is 6'5" and a SOLID 331 pounds which the Bills have not had at guard in awhile. Add in Justin Shorter who is 6'4" and 229 pounds which is not something the Bills have had in a while, a BIG WR.

The Bills I believe in the last few years were small, specifically on the offense and they have made an obvious vision of getting bigger. The action plan was the NFL Draft and the results are bigger players who will add a dimension the Bills have not had in a while. For Kincaid he is a match up nightmare because specifically the fluidity of his hips. Him being at his size and his cuts are so crisp will truly put teams in a bind. Add in Torrence and one thing I keep going back to was the Bills couldn't just line up and move a DT out of the hole. It is great to plug and pull schemes but sometimes you just need to line up and move the DT out of the line. Shorter is obvious, a big WR who has a huge catch radius and of course a willing blocker who can out muscles most CBs and safeties to help the running game. The Bills had an obvious vision, a good action plan and now we have to see the results.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Lets not forget about Dawson Knox's but I think one of the issues the Bills had last year was not a concentrated effort to involve Knox. He has excellent physical tools and is a very willing blocker but to me he needs a set of go to plays which Daboll seemed to have in his back pocket. Knox should benefit with Kincaid as Kincaid in the slot lined up to the side with Knox as the inline TE puts two 6'4" basically 250 pounders heading into routes.

2.) The Bills have added some bigger RBs but don't think they will start over James Cook. The Bills want a RB for the red zone and short yardage but the Bills understand Cook in the mid-field is the best weapon. I believe the Bills will actually bring in more running plays as the Bills follow the vision of getting bigger in certain aspects.

3.) For the most part the Bills have had fairly good drafts. But they haven't had the one outside of drafting Josh Allen in 2018 the WOW draft where they have starters all along the whole roster. Is this a result of being good? Possibly because as you get farther away from the top of the draft the more likely you end up struggling to have those miracle drafts. So with that being stated the whole issue for drafting where the Bills are normally drafting is hoping for the home run but being happy with the double. The home run draft isn't needed to win because they hit the home run in 2018 but they can ill afford to have a strike out. Case in point is the Titans.

4.) Bills fans are starting to and I want to make sure I don't include all of them but some are becoming just "jerks". I fully understand and it is not on BuffaloRumblings but rather twitter but it is ok to completely trash a player on the field for their play. It is part and parcel for being a professional. However, it is never ok to bash them the person or start diving into their personal life. All players across the league deserve respect. With that being said, making fun of Jackson Mahomes and thinking after watching the video of him forcefully kissing a woman makes him a dirt bag is ok.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) Contracts are based upon negotiations which are decided upon the idea of consent. NFL contracts are based upon this idea and I always find it funny with the positioning because every team will say things and normally offer a lower offer than expected and the player will remove the teams on their social media and make challenges and ask way too much money than they are worth. In the end most players and teams come to agreement. When free agency occurs the current team will almost understand it is over and will offer what they can come up with but fully understands the player will leave for free agency. What makes it even more interesting is when money is not the full reason, but the culture of the team.

2.) Speaking of culture but they're completely rewritting the idea of the culture of the Patriots way. I have always believed culture is important but it is always second to the talent on hand. I'll give an example, I believe in the "Trust the Process" motto of the Bills franchise but the brass tax of the matter is the talent on hand. Specifically, Josh Allen covers some blemishes as Tom Brady did for the Patriots. Add in some other great picks and boom, always a contender.

3.) I have to feel for Brian Daboll because he got the most out of Daniel Jones last year but this year will be a bit different. The reason why I say this is the Giants were so bad last year they had a lot of easy wins. Now, as a former playoff team they will have a higher hypothetical strength of schedule. Last year the Giants had wins over two. playoff teams; Ravens, Jags (Where they still were completely recovering from Urban Meyers) but they massively over-achieved. So the owners who really love Jones for some reason resigned him and have kind of irrational loyalty to him. But lets dive into Jones stats, 15th in passing yards, the 6th in passing completion which looks good but when put into the lens of yards per passing attempt is 25th overall. Which means Daboll is hiding Jones or protecting him from throwing down the field. He was 27th in terms of passing yards a game with 200. The Giants will not sneak up on anyone this year and they hand cuff themselves to Jones for no reason. This is why owners should let the GM and Head Coach make player moves.

Have a great week.

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