What If Davante Adams

Has anyone been reading about Davante Adams (WR-Raiders) recent comments? It may appear that Davante Adams is not happy with the direction that the Raiders are going?

My understanding is that after June 1, Davante Adams’ salary for 2023 would only be $6.03 million. Adams’ bonus would have been already paid by the Raiders. Does that mean if Buffalo acquired Adams after June 1 that it would only be a $6.03 million hit against Buffalo’s Salary Cap?

I’m not a NFL Salary Cap guru, so I’ll leave that to the experts on this website to explain.

What If, Buffalo orchestrated a deal, similar to the Stephon Diggs deal, with the Raiders to bring Davante Adams to Buffalo?

Would Buffalo be willing to give up a 2024 1st, 5th & 6th rounder, along with a 2025 4th rounder?

Perhaps, another trade scenario, like a 2024 1st rounder along with a WR, e.g. Gabe Davis?

If you were Buffalo’s GM, what would you be willing to part with to acquire Davante Adams?

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