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A reminder: Your 2023 Buffalo Bills are HIM

Bills Mafia needs to learn to breathe in-between the chaotic “internetting” about the team’s biggest stars and seemingly most-glaring needs

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Organized Team Activities (OTAs), have begun in earnest. It’s only May, but the Buffalo Bills are beginning to prep for Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season. Many Bills fans have outwardly questioned the team’s commitment toward improving, whether that be through personnel decisions or personal decisions made by some of the team’s most important, key players.

Von Miller and Josh Allen were spotted on a golf course last week. “This is bad for the Bills! Miller needs to lift more weights. Allen needs to throw to Kincaid before Ken Dorsey refuses to involve Kincaid!”

These are the type of thought patterns that exist during the extended NFL offseason. Some find solace in other sports, but refuse to allow such leverage to their favorite athletes. Even worse, there are those among us who simply fail to enjoy anything as much as NFL football, and obsessing over the end of the prior season while anxiously awaiting the next leads to many a frazzled social media response. It’s natural. It’s expected, especially among a fan base as passionate as Bills Mafia. But it’s also slightly insane.

Quarterback Josh Allen is in attendance, and from all reports he sounds like a man more focused than ever on helping the franchise take its next critical step. As per usual, Allen has spent a considerable amount of time away from the gridiron on myriad golf courses. Golf is a major passion of Allen’s and he leverages it during his offseason to remain in shape and athletically on target while allowing his body to heal from the physicality of NFL life. Despite those who beg and plead for him to stop playing golf — instead choosing to play more catch with his receivers — this regimen is perfect for Allen, and perfect for the Buffalo Bills. The last thing needed is for Allen to overuse his arm or run the risk of injuring it somehow during the spring. More over, Allen’s attendance at major events, no matter the sport or cause, helps grow the Bills’ brand. At least in his public life, Josh Allen is a natural people person, and he represents Bills Mafia like no other.

If those worrying about how Allen spends his downtime isn’t enough, there are plenty of headlines and people wondering if wide receiver Stefon Diggs is unhappy in Orchard Park, NY based on his reaction during the team’s final game and his cryptic tweets. For one final time, to hopefully put things to rest — Diggs is an alpha competitor, and for him to react as he did during the loss at home in the playoffs comes with the territory. The man stood on the field watching the Kansas City Chiefs receive their AFC Conference Championship. Greatness oozes out of Diggs and his intensity and passion playing for the Bills hasn’t wavered. his tweets are and will forever be taken out of context. Some people just need to write the easy headlines and watch the world burn. Endless streams of “Will Diggs or won’t Diggs show up for OTAs?” The sky is falling, “something” once said. It would have been more of a major headline if Diggs was in attendance for OTAs this week.

Then there’s edge rusher Von Miller. Remember, he told Bills Mafia to burn it all down. And he stormed out of the gates like a bison possessed — fire in tow. And then it all burned down for Miller on Thanksgiving. We thought it was just a scratch. Miller told us he’d be back in a week or two. Fast-forward six months and all anyone wants to know is when he’s going to return and how he’ll look doing so well into his 30s. If you know anything about Von Miller, the wisest of advice you can follow is to never doubt him. Ever. He’s going to return and he’s going to light a fire under the rest of the team.

At this point, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the football content we loving refer to as OTAs instead of looking to find the worst in every nugget of Buffalo Bills information shared.