Cardinals Release DeAndre Hopkins


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D Hop is getting released by the Cards and he'll be free to sign with whoever. Good on that org to do right by a future HoFer. NOW SIGN HIM ODB!

I wrote comments before about why I was against the trade. Mostly due to it being a trade. However, it all changes now that he's being released. Without having to give up draft capital and take on that contract... oh boy.

My other reservations were targets and usage. How are you going to spread the ball around enough to maximize him? Those still remain but who cares. Figure it out when he's on the freaking team.

I said this before but Hopkins isn't going to increase the number of offensive snaps the Bills run per game. In 2022 we ran 65 offensive snaps per game, down from 66 in 2021 and really a good team should expect to run 60 to 68 offensive snaps per game. So really it comes down to efficiency. Will he make the offense more efficient? He's not the kind of separator you saw with Cole in his prime season here or even Diggs. That said, he's open even when he's triple covered as we unfortunately know.

Whatever contract we sign him to will need to consider Diggs' $27.8MM cap hit next year along with Knox's $14.4MM cap hit. BUT FOR THIS YEAR! Hope on the band wagon Mr. Hopkins!

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